Sunday, 30 May 2021

Rest and relaxation today.

Purple is the next colour for the month of June. This week we all had our first vaccines and I was the last one to get mine. Needless to say my arm is sore, expected that. What I did not expect was to want to sleep so much. Not a bad thing as a side effect.Finished this week's charm row, so today will be a relaxing and rest day. Next week will be a gardening week. The house has all the springcleaning done, have a few shelves to still wipe down in the cupboards which is minor to do. Once my arm is back to normal will do those as well. The guys went to get the traditional South African sausages for the summer barbeque season at a butcher's in Oakville. So now they are all set for summer!

Saturday, 29 May 2021

Red applique and nine patch blocks.

Red and white quilt is growing. All applique and embroidery for the center.
Nine patch blocks in red is finished for the month of May. 
Red hexies finished as well!

Friday, 28 May 2021

Rainy day...

Woke up to a rainy day, it looks like it will be much the same for the entire weekend.  Perfect for springcleaning as it is cooler and makes it more comfortable to do. Did not much sewing yesterday, walked into the kitchen and decided to clean the glass top of the stove, the oven. Then it just carried on from there, going down the cleaning rabbit hole. The fridge is on the list, sorting out the cupboards after that. Once a year this happens and this year it is not as early as others. 
Pulled the next charm row from the box. The other one only need four more pieces. If a moment presents itself will do a the rest of this row. 

Thursday, 27 May 2021

One Monthly goal reached.

This month the goal was to finish piecing the blue scraps together to create "Remember Me" pattern. This fimsy was finished and is now awaiting it's turn to be quilted in the future. Also cut the red hearts for the red and white quilt. Spring cleaning continues at our house.  Always like to get this done before summer starts. We did lots yesterday, will carry on with it today.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

A bit more progress.

It was a very hot day yesterday, too hot to be outside. The humidity and the wind was wild all day long. Finished sewing all twelve red flowers on the center of the red and white quilt.
There is two on either side, on the side borders.
Next the small hearts will be prepped for the corners on either sides of the four vases.
The next charm row for this week is growing. 

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

A lazy Victoria Day.

It was a lazy day yesterday,  we did not do much. Relaxed at home, spend some time in the garden and potted around the house.
The charm row is finished and the next one is ready to be started.
The red and white quilt had to wait as the four red flowers disappeared when I wanted to see them on to the center. Found them a little while later, they are now pinned in place. Will be doing them today, as we are expecting a very hot and humid day  today,  so it will be spent indoors until this evening when it hopefully cools down to be spending time outside.

Monday, 24 May 2021

Garden today.

The bulbs are flowering,  they are all open except a few in the front garden. 
The lavender bushes are growing after their super short chop in April. The babies will be given away to new homes.
Finished the red hexie flower yesterday.
Worked some more on the charm row.
We watched golf which was super exciting with Phil Mickleson winning. It is great to watch so much focus and determination for such a prolonged period of time pay off for such a lovely fellow human being. He did not brush a single person off after winning, it takes a caring person.

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Red projects.

Sharing today a few red tops waiting for their turn to be quilted and finished.  This one was a 2016 QAL.
Blocks embroidered by a retreat buddy, will be turned into a small wall hanging. 
Will be doing a little bit of sewing this weekend, another hexie and some more work on the red and white quilt.
The flowers around the center compass is all done. Four more on the center to do on the sides.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Red flowers.

This week has been an interesting one, the red flowers are being sewn around the center compass.
Prepped these ones as well.The flowers were they need to go.The next charm row is chugging along now. 

Friday, 21 May 2021

Victoria Day weekend coming up.

Worked some more on the flowers around the center compass, will carry on with this today. Spent time weeding the garden yesterday. It is a long weekend this weekend. Floss arrived for Autumn stitching.  Just love the collection and vibrant colours. 
Elinor's Endeavours arrived with it. This is my belated Mother's day presents. 
Beautiful prints in here.  Have an awesome day.

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Looking for a needle in a haystack?..

Hubby asked me to look for something that moved with us almost seven years ago? Looked and search everywhere,  it was nowhere to be found. Did not get much done, instead went into the kitchen and cooked dinner. The only other thing that got done was watering the garden.  
Added one more hexie flower to the collection.
The next charm row has been started.
Will continue to work on the red and white quilt today, rain expected this afternoon.

Wednesday, 19 May 2021


First red flower is done around the compass. Have finished sewing three on to the center so far.
It is all done by hand and it feels great to see this piece growing.
The red hexies is growing.
The charm row is now done.
The next charm row is a dark one. They alternate between light and dark.

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Wild start to the week.

Expecting the week to go as all of them so far, was not what happened yesterday. It started off smoothly, I were happily watering the garden.  The spring maintenance was scheduled for this morning between nine and twelve. Chap game did what he needed to, I asked if he has all his testing tools, he said yes. He left and Moose the St Bernard puppy who is now a big boy wanted a doggie head massage. Ten minutes later I walked into the house and it was like a toaster oven. Checked the thermostat and everything was off, the furnace was on an warming the house. Called the company and reported this anomaly.  Another technician popped by and open the furnace, the over ride clips was still attached to the wires of the furnace. He removed it, we had every window and door open to cool the house down as soon as possible. Later in the day we had to run the cooling, a happy ending thankfully. Very little got done, finished watering the garden later in the day.
The charm row got a few pieces, the red flower pinned in place. Remembered about these South African fabrics left in my stash. Laundry basket quilts 2021 free mystery quilt along is on currently. Wonder if there is enough fabrics to make one with these fabrics. They are sixty inches wide, instead of 44 inches?