Friday, 31 August 2018

A Quirky Shop....

On our walks, we also discovered Aunt Debbie's Knit and Stitch Shop.  It is quirky and unique.  One half of the shop is all knitting and the other all stitching.
The samples of the stitched pieces was mind boggling.
 The supplies for tapestries, wool to embroider, floss and notions.
 They had patterns, kits galore.
The Linens, over dyed and plain. Knick nacks  to embroider as well.
Then we step over into the other half. They had something for everyone.
 Found this yarn, it knits up these little flowers.
 One ball makes a baby dress or a little sweater.
The samples was just beautiful, making something for little ones would be so cute.
What can I say, they had to come home with me...
On the way back from the shop, we saw this blue heron.
On the other side of the path we had farm fields with corn growing.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Works in progress.

This past week the 21st Birthday quilt kept me busy, it is finally done.  Just need the label and it is ready to pop in the post.  With the humidity and heat, staying indoors and keeping cool is the best idea.
The whole quilt.
This quilt was done all by machine.
A-Z of snowmen, another block is done.  Late afternoon, sitting outside when it is a bit cooler is great for the red work.
Playing with fabrics, is just as much fun as playing with buttons.  One gets completely lost in them.  These are the fabrics which will be used for the next round of the Hertfordshire quilt when I pick it up again, later this year.  Knowing what will be used where, helps me sort what will work.  LE prep is an ongoing process, have decided to spend some time sewing down some of the elements.  So September has been earmarked for this.

Diane's stitch-a-long:
 2018, August.
 The birds, phoenix?
2017  Stitch-a-long, she is working on it all at the same time.  She is very talented.

Friday, 24 August 2018

"Beautiful British Columbia", the licence number plate says it all...

We love to walk.  To this end we lace up, grab our water bottles, camera and get going.  Especially if the weather is good.  We will walk in nature, along the trails.  We meet very many people with the same idea.  Enjoying the fresh air, the mountains, the river, which meander all along the path.
The bird life was truly amazing.  Bald Eagles graced the driftwood and many a morning they came sweeping down over the path.  One morning we watched one come over, about six feet above a Grandpa and his little grandson waiting for Grandma and two more little tykes. They are magnificent birds with an amazing wingspan.

The trees are huge, with lots of them lining the path.

Within walking distance was farms, with farm stalls dotting the landscape.
 My favourite quilt shop, Hamels,  was close by.  We visited the shop, a number of times.

They stocked the thread, which is my go to for machine quilting and embroidery.  It works very well for applique and stay super soft.
 It followed me home. Their Row by Row, would  have me tapping my feet quickly.
 It was jam packed with goodies, fabrics.
Kits of every shape and size.
So many samples adorned the shop.  Crab apple hill studio stitching patterns.
Pre cut fabrics: jelly rolls, layer cakes and fat quarter bundles.
Especially the sweet mini charm packs.  Found two more for the Hertfordshire Quilt.  Saw them online, could not locate them in the shop.  It turns out, they were the last one's.  To this end, they keep a box with the last one's in the back.  Once I asked about them, we found them.  They are older lines, which one cannot find anymore, so a real treat.
 French General, modern fabrics and lots of batiks.
They also had a large range of AccuQuilt dies.
Notions and so many patterns, batting and wool supplies, for applique.
They had a room upstairs filled with quilt backs, batiks, reproduction fabrics and flannels.
These quilts lined the stairwell. Seeing this one up close, the tree had to follow me home.
Knowing  my one project still needed four different green leaves, with the wide variety of fabrics, I decided to look for them.  The bias strip of fabric was at home so it was a guess as to the right colours.
When we got home, the strip was laid on top of the four green fabrics, it was perfect for what the project needs.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Finding treasures.

Every time you move house, stuff goes into boxes.  Remembering what is where can be tricky.  With our last move over four years ago, one would think by now all the boxes would be unpacked. Alas that has not been the case. With fixing the house, getting it the way we need it to be, all takes time.
With the unexpected windstorm and the damage which ensued, none of the things we wanted to get done happened.  In the last two weeks, there is a pattern which prompted me to start going through some of the boxes, to find it.  Found lots of other bits, but the pattern is still blissfully missing in action.  One day it will crop up, when I am not looking for it.
Le Jardin:
These are the last of nine blocks, which still needs to be done.
Redwork Snowmen A-Z:
After. With the hot weather, stitching is easier to manage.
21st Quilt:
The applique is done with two fabrics, the white background and the blue print fabric only.

It has to be blue, she loves cats.
 Used machine applique for this one.
 The back, all done with blanket stitch.
 The inner border.
The completed top, with the outer borders, ready for quilting. Fabric's can be found at The Hobby Horse.
Love Entwined:

Prepped the blocks, got two sewn, two to go.
After all the heatwaves, we are having some welcome rains, the garden is loving it.

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