Friday, 31 July 2015

Lots of interesting tidbits.

The little grey book that goes everywhere.  In it is snips of fabrics, lists of projects, notes.  When I am out and about, it comes in handy when I find myself somewhere on the spur of the moment, it gets opened if I find a potential treasure to add to what I already have, when working on projects. 
This is a design from Rabbits Haven.  A designer in British Columbia.
More of the Quilt
Perfect for little girls.

Colourful quilts is all in attendance, with summer in full swing.  The prairie points is not on the edge of the quilt.
 Another unusual twist, minky fabric, stitched as a sashing on the front of a quilt.
A close up of it.
The whole quilt done and quilted by Joanne,  Long Arm Quilter
If you love applique, then check out Sue Garman latest pattern, Simply Baltimore.  If you have scraps, then Omigosh is a good scrap buster.
Go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Stitching gifts.

Summer bring stitching weather along.  Nothing to big, simple projects to work on when taking a break from the heat of the day.  Sewing knick-knacks from Home Sweet Home.

Traced designs on linen.
Forget-me-knots, daisies and a bee.
All from the book,  Home Sweet Home by Carolyn Pearce. (ISBN: 978-0980876703)

Inspiration can come from many unexpected sources, nature, books, but most of all people. Meet:
Temple Grandin.
Well worth the time to watch. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Love Entwined Diamonds.

I love applique, as it is relaxing.  Looked at all the different ways everyone made their zigzag diamond borders, having cut out my diamonds already,  I decided to trace the diamonds onto Floriani fusible wash away stabilizer.
Then cut the strips out.  Ready to stitch my diamonds on to it.  Finger pressing the diamonds as I go along, leaving to fuse them until last.

Ready for stitching down on the center of LE.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Speech On Quilting.

This quilting husband says it so well.....

 Please,  follow this link.  The quilting community is alive and well, lets keep it that way.

Recently, a fellow quilter was affected by a force of nature.  The quilters did not need to be asked to step up to the plate, they do it naturally without sparing it a thought.  We are all proud to be a part of this community. 

It is amazing how important the human connection is, in the world we live in.  As long as we have one another, there is nothing more precious, to know, someone care enough, no matter what.  We are never alone, we are always surrounded by love.  It is this,  which gives us the strength to move forward and conquer all that life throws at us.

The Quilters Garden.

It has no flowers in it, only fabric, kindred spirits, all the notions to go with it.  People with a passion for the same interest, Quilting.

On the shop hop for July, a shop owner had lots of signs up, with no pictures, please.  I was perplex by this, as I have never encountered something like this,  in any shop.  After chatting to the owner, the discovery I made was the following:

Designers, get shop owners in hot water if anyone takes  a picture of their patterns and samples of quilts, which the shop owners have used  to create the shop samples with?  Taking a walk around the shop confirmed the said samples and patterns were not that unique, many made with combinations of block patterns which have appeared for many years in books and magazines on quilting, in various forms.  Many of these patterns appear in magazine's, as this is the way they are advertised to make quilters aware of them...?
Designers create patterns just the same, as artists and authors alike do.  Copyright is there for a reason, to protect their work. 

Quilters the world over will buy patterns, books and magazines, they have for many years and will continue to do so for years to come.  Maybe this shop owner had a bad customer in her shop?  The exception, not the rule in the quilting world!

It is good to keep the weeds at bay, in the Quilting World.

Found some more red and white fabrics.
 This border fabric, opened up a whole lot of new possibillities.
The lot so far...
Even though my fingers are itching to start this will have to wait!

Red and White Love Entwined.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Carriage Blanket.

A friend was knitting a baby blanket,  it looked very complicated.  She gave me the pattern, as she knew it by heart and did not need it anymore.  I started and this is how far I have am.  It is a lace effect small blanket. 
Wool and me are not friends, this is bamboo, soft and easy to work with.  Knitting may be something  I might master one day. 
Discovered this purple flower on our walks, have no idea what it is.  Very pretty and striking.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Which one?

This white thisle was unusual, did not realize the ants was having a dance on it.
 Two patterns:

This is the daylight one.

This is the night time one. In two minds as to which one to make ?  This is one of those special projects for making a not so happy place, be just a little bit more cheery.

Found some fabrics for it so long.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Lilies, to the left....

Alf's secret garden.
Please step inside....

These orange lilies welcome you, as you go around the corner on the left, then it is just a burst of colour.
These magenta lilies is striking in colour.

The pink ones.

The yellow ones.

Pale pink ones.

Then these peach and yellow ones.

 The view the lilies enjoy, is this.
For all those quilters who are doing the shop hop this July, inspiration lie around the corner.  Follow the arrow to the left, at The Hobby Horse Quilt Shoppe.
If you happen to turn right, you will discover Gail's garden.....