Friday, 25 March 2016

Spring? Winter?.....

We had a mini ice storm the last couple of days.  Making us wonder where Spring went.....It looked as if Winter was coming back!
 This fence was just covered in ice, including the plants covering it.
 The top of the fence, decorated with a thick layer of ice.
The big trees was struggling with all the ice, many branches was just snapping off, under the weight of the ice.
The Splendid Sampler:
 The latest block.

365 Challenge:
Love Entwined:
Falling ice chips from the trees.
When the sunlight hits the ice, it sparkles!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ice Bells.

 Walking along the stream, these branches had little ice bells hanging from them.  The sunlight caught them and they sparkled, swaying in the breeze.
The Splendid Sampler:
This block is done.
This one is in the process, life has been busy in our parts of the woods.
Embroidery in chain stitch, to give the look of crochet.  Stem stitch which has been whipped on top, which looks as if it is crochet cotton.

The 365 Challenge:

More blocks done.  Will square them off, once the center is sewn together.
The Salmon in the stream is back.  The journey they have to follow to get here, is just amazing.

Easy Mitre Tutorial:

Step 1. Draw a square, a quarter inch line from the edge of the square, on the  the back of the fabric.
 Step 2. Place square on a strip of fabric, right sides facing each other.
Step 3. Start stitching on the edge of the fabric, at a 90 degree angle.
Step 4. Pivot 90 degrees, when you reach the spot where the two drawn lines cross each other.
 Step 5.  Stitch along this line, until you reach the spot where the lines cross each other again.
 Step 6. Stop and pivot the stitch direction 90 degrees, then stitch towards the edge of the fabric.
This is what it will look like on the back of the work.  An upside down U-shape.
Step 7.  Continue with the same steps as above, attach the opposite strip first.
The back of the work.
 It should look like this.
Step 8. Fold the two side strips away from the square, before attaching the next two strips. Take care, stop at the corner, making sure not to stitch past this point.

Step 9.  Carefully move the excess fabric out the way, while stitching on the remaining strips.

Step 10.  Draw a 45 degree angle line from the corner as shown.  Pin the strips together, then stitch to the
               corner of the drawn square.

 Step 11.  Back stitch away from the corner.  Do not stitch past this point.  Do all four corners.
Peek to make sure there isn't a hole or bubble at this point.
 This is what it will look like.
Step 12.  Trim the excess fabric from the mitred corners.
 Step 13.  Iron the square, it will look like this from the back.
It will look like this on the front.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Spring Break!

Spring has arrived in more ways than one.  Kids are running everywhere, they have a short holiday, March Spring Break!  The birds have returned from their snow vacations.  The snow has melted, flowers are popping up all over, especially in the shops.  Plants can soon be planted again, just has to wait for the frost to clear, second week in May?....
Two weeks ago all this was covered in snow and ice.

365 Challenge:
The center block is done, including all the rest.
 These little blocks require patience.
 As this is a bit of a mystery where each of the blocks will go.
Only one block is released every day.
This block had one gremlin which sneaked in, so it is now a new design.

The Splendid Sampler.
It is now up to date as well.
 The Quilt Shop?
LE will get some attention now, including everything else which has been on hold.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Spring is on its way!

 The ladies with their pillowcases, among them, Laura from Seams Sew Laura Etsy Shop, Sherry from thread riding hood.
 The finished pillowcases.
The snow is melting, the weir was overflowing.  While we were down at the stream, we noticed a new resident in the stream, a beaver has moved in.

The 365 Challenge:
More light fabrics, found these fabrics at The Hobby Horse.  The blocks so far.

Up to the 24th of February is done.  What makes these blocks fun?  Is that each one is different, small and allow one to visit some old favourite blocks.

The Splendid Sampler Blocks:

Love the little toes that stick out from the blanket....