Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Top is Done!

The Baby Quilt Top is done, it is looking really nice and it is now ready for the next step, Quilting.
All the applique blanket stitched, by machine.
Doing everyday a bit of  work on it, twenty minutes a day.
 Daisy the cow, as I was sewing, some of the animals got names.
 Henrietta the Hippo, she seems like a happy hippo.
 It is a very festive group.
 The butterflies, the fabric is fussy cut to create the contrast on the wings.
This fabric worked really well for this purpose.
The leaves and the blue birds.
The quilt is now prepared for quilting.
This is where I first saw the pattern and the quilt, hanging from the rafters in the barn at The Hobby Horse
The leaves on the trees, which they have lost mostly in the past week.  With it came the colder weather, perfect for quilting.

                                                       Happy Birthday, Madeleine.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Works in Progress...

 Autumn, is a season, which is busy and beautiful.  The harvest comes in, the leaves on the trees make sure we know, the seasons are changing.  Making the most of the weather, getting everything done, before the cold arrive.
 The Baby Quilt got some more bits, the second row is done. 
Quilting lines have been drawn on the applique pieces, which will add extra details.
 The Fox and the Cricket.
The Critters and the Tulips.
A purse, made with some very  funky fabrics.
Another project, a frog appliqued.

Another flower and a lady bug, with a few more berries.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


 It was,  Thanksgiving this weekend past, in Canada. It is still very warm for this time of year. Which is a gift, as other parts of the country is covered in snow already.
The baby quilt progress so far....
The big tree is done, with the birds, as well as the top panel.
 The Crocodile (creative use of fabric with a cactus on it) and the duck.
The bear, walking along.
The raccoon was an fun piece to create.
The bounty of the season.
The farmers field, blues skies and sunshine.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A fun project, making a Baby quilt.

I am busy making a baby quilt, the best part, it is a pattern I have been wanting to do for ages.
 Applique, has a way it has to be done.  In this case, branches first.

 Then the flower stems, it does not look like much, these elements needed to be stitched in place by hand.
 Next came the ribbons and the large tree trunks. 
 Blanket stitched by machine.
 The frame pinned in place.  This now cover the stems, and other raw elements, which needed to be covered.
 The project is now ready for the rest of the Applique, all of which will be fused and stitched by machine.
The frame fabric had to be a neutral, for all the fun parts which is to follow.
This is the pattern, which is filled with critters having fun.

Quilt Shops Up North, Part 1.

Almonte, is a very special little town, not too far from Kanata and Ottawa.  Here is two Quilt Shops you want to go and see.  One has amazing ceiling tiles, the other, Kelly.  One have to go and visit her shop, to find out what I am talking about.
The buildings and all the beautiful details is all part of the charm.
 The one below is crayon art, with stitching.
These two quilts, are class samples at Quilting Quarters.
The ceiling tiles.
 A Chenille quilt made with panels.
A colourful display in the shop.
Up the road, Kelly's shop Textile Traditions.
 It is sunny and bright, and full of laughter and fun.
 It has Quilting, Knitting, Stitching and Smocking supplies.
 Some amazing wool can be found here, so if you need something special, you will find it here.
 Everytime one pop into the shop, the fabric is new and fresh. 
Shopping for someone else, amazing how mobile phones can make it so much easier.  With the click of a button, a photo is sent, a quick response and the fabric is given the nod to go ahead and keep a lady very happy.

Even in the middle of winter, when it is -35C ladies will drive to Kelly's for the day, as a field trip, this is one that win First Prize every time.