Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Oh, Canada!


Canada day is the 1st of July!

A few nuggets I discovered this morning, at The Sewing Cafe.

Row by Row has started.

 This one comes with laser cut bicycles, in the kit.  It also ties into the Halton Hills Bike Challenge, to raise money for charity.

 Do you belong to the BOM bag Club?
Emmaline Bag Patterns and Hardware for the bags, are now available at the Sewing  Cafe!
Also got to see new quilts, love the purple on the black and white quilt.

 The Red and Black Bargello top is finished.  It is ready for quilting.
 A parcel which has been on its own adventure, arrived this morning.
It took the scenic route, cannot wait to see the treasures inside this parcel!

Maple Leaf Tutorial.

This year to Celebrate Canada Day, I am including a Maple Leaf tutorial.

Step 1.
Cut two five inch squares.
 Step 2.
Draw a line from corner to corner on the back of one square.
Step 3.
Place two squares on top of each other, right sides facing.  Then stitch a quarter inch on either side of the drawn line.

 Step 4. 
Cut on the drawn line.
Step 5.
Iron the squares open towards the darker colour.
Next trim these two blocks to four and a half inches.

Step 6.
Draw lines one and a half inches apart, on the back of the square, creating a grid.
Step 7.
Cut the grid on the drawn lines, do it with both squares.
Step 8.
Rearrange the pieces to create the Maple Leaf.
 From the first set, you will have a white square which you will not use,
 instead, use a triangle square from the second set.  Use this to create the Maple Leaf.
Step 9.
Applique a strip of red fabric in place for a stem.
Step 10.
Sew the squares together, to finish the Maple Leaf.

                                                        Happy Canada Day!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Catching up on Quilts and Challenges!


The Splendid Sampler:
  A few are sewn, not in order.  Have prepared some more blocks, ready for stitching and applique.

Space Invaders:
 This is my space invaders quilt, which ran after washing.  Found these pictures of what it looked like before,  the infamous wash.  Seeing them, made we realize why I loved making this quilt.  So it is now on the list for unpicking and trying to fix the colour run with something Gail, from The Hobby Horse recommended.

My unpicker will be my best friend when I start this mammoth task!

365 Challenge:
These blocks is from May to June the first.  Many more to go.
As we have been gardening lots, it is now time to relax a bit and catch up with other works in progress.  
The garden has a few more things on the to do list, which we are working on.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Quilts in the Show, Part three.

 This Black and White quilt was a lot of eye candy, in terms of machine quilting.
This quilt was not part of the Show, but was hanging along one of the walkways, love the little heart on the apple.
A rainbow of colour and subjects, was part of one exhibit.
 Almost looks like Northern lights on a dark night!
 The greens.
 Colour and more.
This Log Cabin had a border of houses, around the center.
 This pieced quilt was intricate.  
Last but not least, an applique beauty, on a red background!