Wednesday, 5 September 2018

When the basting glue ran out.

Planning ahead, prepping projects and making sure we have everything to do a project.  One thing I did not check, as I knew it was in the drawer. Basting glue, except, it has been used a lot. So while the weather was all nice and not too hot yet, placed everything on the table outside and started to glue baste my leaves in place.  The glue was almost done, the car was with hubby and stopping was not an option. 
By this stage things got moved indoors because of the humidity. A short break later, I decided to try my Elmer's purple glue. So away I went, dabbing a bit of the glue on the back of the applique piece and placed it on the background fabric.  Then I gave it a firm press with a finger to make sure it sticks and left it for about 30 minutes.  When I came back, it worked just like the basting glue, it is also a lot cheaper. What a light bulb moment.
September is Love Entwined month for me, after prepping bits for a while now, the time has come to sew those elements in place.
Over the long weekend, these hexagons got prepped as well, this is another project which will get some love soon.
Also sorted the colours for the next round of the Hertfordshire quilt, which will get a start later on this year.  Planning ahead, helps to keep projects on track. It helps me focus and not get distracted, when the time comes to work on a project.

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