Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Old man winter is keeping us busy.

The snow and ice just keeps on coming, we have cleared enough already.  Spent a lot of time keeping the walkways cleared of ice.  So time spent sewing, has been limited.
Worked on these butterflies.
Diane finished stitching her blue Delft.
This weeks bake, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

White fluffy stuff called snow.....

The white fluffy stuff called snow, just do not want to leave.  Not to mention the ice pellets and freezing rain.  Shops have run out of road salt, which says a lot.  Needless to say we are all ready for green grass and warmer weather.
Diane has used this cold weather and carried on stitching.
It helps to deal with the endless snow shovelling. This brush and bird is finished. Butterflies next? This is my oldest work in progress.
Night time knitting, the little dress is a learning curve, had to unpick a few rows.  It is all new to me.
This helper has a love with any yarn, floss and string. Knitting needles are her favourite, she loves to pounce on those, while one try to knit.
 This weeks bake, chocolate chip cookies, with chocolate eggs.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Snow, snow and more snow.

We will be glad when winter is over and spring arrives.  Lets hope those groundhogs got it right, that the promised early spring will indeed arrive, sooner rather than later.
 After shovelling the snow and ice,  we come indoors and enjoy some time relaxing in front of the fireplace.  The cat think it is fantastic, she gets as close as she possibly can and when she gets too hot, she crawls away from the heat to cool down, before repeating the whole process again.  Knitting in front of the fire is something she approves, as all she wants to do is pounce on the yarn.  Knitting this pinafore dress, in the grey yarn.
In the pattern was some bits which was confusing, so calling my friend Kate, to ask for clarity was called for.  She knits beautiful pieces, you can see it here.
We had our friendship group meeting recently, Carol was knitting some socks.
Anna was knitting a birthday sweater for her niece. Her Mom love horses, so the sweater needed to have one on it.
This crochet blanket comes from France, Margurite was replacing a granny square, which has been worn away with many years of love. A few ladies said they would be bringing in their blankets for her to fix. 
 Carol made this quilt for her niece, who had a baby.
 She quilted it on her domestic machine.
 Doing a few rows at a time.
He did not want to wait for his mom to get to the hospital, so instead he came enroute to the hospital.
Underground Railroad Sampler by Eleanor Burns.
 Black fabric will be used for the sashing's of this beauty.
 The colours and the blocks were beautiful.
Diane has been stitching away, her daughter is looking forward to this one.
Last year she started three Linen and Threads stitch-a-longs.  She has finished two pieces, this is the third one.
She finish the 2018, a 2017 already.  This is the second 2017 she is making, love the colour.
Love Entwined got some more pieces, dancing tulips?

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Life and field trips.

Queen Anne's Lace reminds me of snowflakes, when it is just the perfect conditions, one can see snowflakes in all their perfection on a cold day.  They are unique, in their own way.  With all this cold weather, a field trip was in order.  Gitta's was our destination.  If you enjoy stitching, Petit Point, tapestries with wool, making cushions, hand embroidery, this is the place to find it, all under one roof. This is a long post, so grab a cup of tea and enjoy some eye candy. Lets jump down the rabbit hole!
 Hardanger embroidery.
 Linens and fabrics in every colour and weight.
 These birds caught my eye, they looked so cute.
 Displayed in a cabinet, stitched treasures.
Floss and silks, these panels all slide to reveal even more varieties of embroidery floss, including had dye floss.
Samples decorate the store, around every nook and cranny.
They cater for every level of stitcher, including beginners.
This was the 2018 Stitch-a-long,  from tinymodernist.
They do framing and finishing of cushions, for those who like to stitch, but not be bothered with the rest.
These designs are Canadian, eh?
More stitched on this blue afghan.
 The bell pulls, display hangers for stitched pieces was amazing.
 This stitched box, up on a shelf.
 If you need help finishing the Christmas decorations, they have a class for it too.
 Patterns from all over the world.
 Traditional to modern can be found here.
Enjoyed these geese on this piece .
 Into wool embroidery? You will find every colour here. 
If you ever wanted to pick up a hobby, inspiration is here in abundance.
 Hand embroidery and transfers, including everything you need to create your own.
Afghan cross-stitch blankets.
Kits galore.
Cross-stitch ribbon, to create special finishes on special projects.
 The ceiling was also used to display tapestries.  No space was off limits.
Beauty can be found, even in winter.
A few pieces followed us home. Not only did we get a reprieve from cabin fever, we could escape from the cold and snow for a couple of hours.  Now we are ready, to get through the rest of winter.
Diane has been stitching.  This is how far along she is, with this piece.
Last, but not least, Love Entwined has leaves on the next round.  Now the flowers can be sewn down.
Saved the best bit for last, this quilt is just so special.