Saturday 6 July 2024

Aqua RSC24.

Aqua blocks are done. It is the colour for July. It is the colur of summer and holidays by the beach, walking on the sand and enjoying the sound of the ocean waves.
Did some mindless knitting, it was to help my hand. After a bout of freezing, which caused my muscles to protest. Found a you-tube video and just followed the instructions. It worked!
The bees are happy, they have lots of flowers.
Walked to the farmers market before the heat started, this morning.
Watching sunsets and sunrises while just enjoying the quiet relaxing time just being one with nature.
Also saw these ducks in the stream on our walk.

Thursday 4 July 2024

The one hundred acre wood.

The one hundred acre wood, where Winnie the Pooh and friends live and enjoy adventures together.
This baby quilt is quilted and will be gifted at the baby shower.
My friend Kate made a pair of baby socks and a Princess Charlotte bonnet for the new baby. Her knitting is beautiful.
The parcel arrived this morning and inside was an extra surprise, a pair of socks me!

Monday 1 July 2024

Winnie the Pooh quilt.

Last year with weddings, I knew babies would follow. Also knew a few baby quilts will need to be made for great nephews and nieces. Most of them are done, only a few more to do. So all is good on that front.
The top is done, next will be making the binding and quilting this baby quilt. After that it will all be quiet and getting back to gardening and slow projects.
Busted! Peter Rabbit has been getting into the beans again. He knows where the carrots are and cannot reach those raised veggie boxes yet. Time to create more bunny proof cages, this time with chicken wire that he cannot fit through.
Happy Canada Day!

Saturday 29 June 2024

Lots of Beautiful Blues.

It has been a month filled with lots of rain, heat, sunshine and blue skies. Sewing happened inbetween gardening and spending time with love ones.
Finding the way got a lot of blues for RSC24.
The next step is to trim them to size and get rid of all the dog ears.

Tuesday 25 June 2024

The Oh Deer quilt is done!

The binding was sewn down on the back by hand, it was leftover binding from Vintage Moments quilt.
The back of this baby quilt.
Winnie the Pooh baby quilt has been started. First up the fabric is being cut and fresh pieces of green and white squares added where all the grey blocks was in the original piece of fabric.
They will be added above and below the hundred acre wood fabric, once that has been framed with the same green and white fabric.
Once this is done, the two border fabrics will be added. One cream and the other a crackle oyster colour fabric with a green tinge.

Sunday 23 June 2024

Keeping cool during the heat dome.

What did we do this past week? Keeping cool and tried not to do much about anything. It was the sensible thing to do, relax and if we needed to do anything it was done some days before six am.
The Winnie the Pooh fabric arrived. Will be cutting this up and adding more green where the grey blocks are in the design currently.
The hundred acre wood fabric will be used as a center piece.
A lazy week it has been, we have had rain, heat, thunderstorms one following the other in a playlist loop. Second week walking Milo, his take on walkies in the heat. He wanted to enjoy a little sunbathing on the grass!
Will be doing a bit of stitching again today. The Serengeti has got a few more colours. It has beads in the open area and braid work.
Today a little bit more stitching will happen on the rope design which is part of the frame. On the pattern this is done in white, switched it out for a variegated blue, white and grey colour.

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Oh Deer.

The machine quilting done on the baby quilt with the deer and wildlife.
The back of this little quilt.
The binding is sewn on, used some leftover binding. It needs to be turned over and sewn down by hand.
The otter quilt has the binding on and is just waiting for a label.
The first of two Tilda Birthday quilts is now ready for the bees, name and date. All of this got done before the heat dome arrived.
We now have Peter Rabbit living in our back garden, so we had to bunny proof the beans. He has a love for beans, who knew.