Saturday, 3 June 2023

Flowers in the park.

Our local park has a beautiful display of iris plants blooming. The flowers are all blooming and it is a feast for the eye.
So many one see one beauty, then another.
Blue and white.
A bird box with a new feather friend, creating a new family.
Our cat has decided she is a companion plant.

Friday, 2 June 2023

Works in progress…

The garden is in bloom. The heat arrived and everything is being done at a slower pace.
All the strips for the last diamonds for my eldest sisters quilt is sewn and pressed. Next they have to be cut into the correct sized pieces to create the diamonds.
Bunnies have been stitched. The paper pattern is being help together by a thread after 23 years. So it needs to get done now.
The piece so far.
Also took a walk in the forest, the Lily of the Valley is flowering up the hill along the nature path.

Sunday, 28 May 2023


We all love buttons, they come in every colour, shape and size. Our local quilt shop, The Sewing Cafe got a new button collection. The guardian of the collection is none other than, Ariel Buttoni. One of the friends of the creative family made her, original in colour and personality.
In the past nine years, many new budding sewists have arrived at the shop and learnt the art of sewing. Their abilities and confidence grew and they can create now to their hearts content, a tribute to passionate teachers with a love of what they knew and do well. From kids to adults, they have kept the craft alive and inspired the next wave and generation to keep sewing and quilting!
The wedding quilt got washed and it finished at 95 by 93 inches. It is on its way to the couple and it was finished just before the heat arrived. It was hand quilted with the final border machine quilted. This colour on the back is a sapphire blue.
Walking downtown this was the view that greated me along the path.

Thursday, 25 May 2023

Workin progress.

Baltimore Oriole at the feeder. They and the hummingbird is having a lot of fun visiting the feeder. While we were away, the garden grew overnight.
The veggies are doing well, so is all the shrubs.
A joy to see everything take off and sprout at such a good pace.
Garlic planted in the fall last year.
Trying strawberries in pots, it has flowers on. Will need to move the pots where the chipmunks cannot get to the berries.
Made the binding for the wedding quilt.
Diane has been stitching and she has almost finished this one, At the Met. She is adding all the beads to it, before it goes to be framed.
Fun sayings on T-shirts.

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Victoria weekend.

This past weekend we went to Point Pelee National Park. It has been on our bucket list since arriving in Ottawa many years ago. Every May the bird migration happens and thousands of birds arrive on the southern shores of Canada to spend the warmer months here. For birdwatchers it is an awesome experience, for the photograhers heaven on earth!
A swan family with their babies in the march from the broadwalk.
The point, the currents here are treacherous and no one is allowed to the end for good reason.
It is neat, to think we have been to the southern most tip of Africa and Canada. It was an amazing experience, we arrived back home with great memories, sore feet. We walked and craned our necks to see and spot birds, they were every colour of rainbow. A feast for the eyes.
The old homestead, saw a sewing machine inside throughthe window.
One the way we stopped at the local quilt shop, A Stitch in Time.
Fleece was chosen for hats for next winter that the guys want me to make. Bosal foam for straps and and other bits and pieces. A few fabrics which caught my eye, especially the acorn fabric.
Sunset over Lake Erie.

Saturday, 13 May 2023


Very little time has been spent in the sewing room, lots have been spent hand quilting a wedding quilt.
The fabric is a bright blue, yet it is not showing the true colour. Lots of quilting still to go.
RSC23 for May is Orange. Finding the way has orange in it, so these blocks got done. April was a very busy month and the purple blocks needs some more work before they can be added to the collection.
The weather has cleared up and walks on the nature trails is on our calendar. This is some of the local beaver ponds, last night we saw four beavers.
Two swam to each other and gave each other a hug or a kiss.
Wild violets growing along the path. Frogs was out and about too.
Bunnies have been in scarce supply, normally we would have seen lots by now. This is only the second one so far.
The garden is taking off too. The carrots are up, lettuce, onions, garlic and all the fingerling potatoes broke through the soil this past week. Beans have been planted, haricots with their beautiful orange red flowers, the hummingbirds love these ones.
Tulips are all flowering too. Spring is defintely one of our favourite seasons now.