Saturday 25 May 2024

Pink for May.

It is a happy colour and just adds a skip to our steps. Springcleaning is almost complete, just three more things to do on the list. The sewing room got a good clean and sorting out, some background neutral fabrics for Ancient Stars yellow blocks have been found too. Will be cutting those out to add to April 2024 RSC.
A pieced unicorn quilt top. This is for another little Great Niece, unicorns is very popular. Nine great nephews and nieces for now.
Finding the way pink blocks all done.

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Pink progress.

Pink blocks are done. May is now all caught up for the RSC24 colour challenge.
Binding for a new baby quilt.
It has otters, frogs, lily pads and some ducks on it.
The border stripe fabric will be used to make it larger for a baby quilt.
On our walk we saw this tiny bunny on the path, with the warmer weather we are now seeing some bunnies.

Saturday 18 May 2024

Pink and a bit more.

This month has been filled with the unexpected. Springtime is always a time of ups and downs, strangely enough it is how nature works too. The tug and pull of the end of winter with cold weather and spring pulling to start the birth of a new season. Ringing in the new season with warmer weather, which includes all four seasons in a day. All of this to start the growth which is much needed and required.
Pink blocks from last year, this years stack below has not been sewn yet. They are now pulled and put next to the sewing machine. These will be getting done this weekend.
A little bit of work happened on the birthday quilts. The lightbox came out and tracing happened for the applique.
Stems was placed and tacked into position.
We went away for a few days, we needed to do that as a family. Nature for us is very healing and helps to restore calm for us.

Wednesday 15 May 2024

A time to say goodbye.

We recently had to say goodbye to our beloved kitty, Marble(s). It came very suddenly and we were not prepared or ready to let her go, she was quite the character. She came with a lot of issues and was a rescue, most people were not prepared to take those on. We did and for many years we had the pleasure and the priviledge to discover the most amazing and special cat a family could wish or dream for. She crossed over the rainbow and left a void behind, the size of a crater. Our hearts are broken and we miss her dearly, this tiny little ball of fur held us all in her little paw. The house is not the same without her, she is even missed by all the backyard friends, they include chipmunks, squirrels,birds. She never tried to catch them, instead she talked to them and would guard the bird feeders. She would pretend to be a plant in the raised veggie boxes to observe them and keep the squirrels inline. They are confused and keep on looking for her. Milo, my friends dog and her became best buddies and he lost his little friend. Her impact on the world has a ripple effect beyond just our in peace little one, we love you!

Monday 29 April 2024

Indigo Way.

Indigo Way is a flimsy. The fabrics was from a quilter who are no longer quilting, her family had no use for the fabrics. They have been turned into a quilt top and a friends nephew has been battling cancer since last year, recently he has had good news about the cancer. His scans and tests are showing the cancer is responding to treatment. This quilt will be going to him once it has been quilted.
One of the two blocks which is used in the pattern, this is the mystery by Bonnie Hunter from this past fall and winter. It was started only on the 27th of January this year as I had to wait for the Tri-rec ruler. Once that arrived, work could commence on this mystery quilt.
Just looked through my binding scrap box, only need to make a short length of binding to add to what I have found in the box.
The apple tree has leaves on it, so excited to see it growing.

Sunday 28 April 2024


The joy of playing with colours, prints and texture. After receiving a treasure trove from Kim, ideas started to bubble with the potential of what could be...
Flowers in bold and vibrant colours, tulips and green leaves not for the faint hearted. No holding back, just jumped in and prepped all the heat and bond light pieces. Made some templates with cardboard for this part, it made tracing on the fusible paper for the applique pieces a breeze.The paper pieces was cut out roughly around each traced piece and placed on a square of lovely fabric, no two alike.
The pieces have been kitted with the two kits.
Just awaiting the pale pink background for one. Will do the machine applique of the center circles on all the daisy flowers first. That will take a bit of time to do, then once all the stems are sewn onto the background, which still needs to be cut and sewn these flowers, leaves, bunting and balls will be fused and appliqued in place. Jumping down this rabbit hole has been so much fun this past week.
The pattern is a free one on Tilda's World.

Saturday 27 April 2024

All the yellow blocks.

Rhododendron Trail has lots of yellow in it, so it is included for April and the best part is it is a finished quilt.
Finding the way yellow blocks all done. Have not found the neutral light fabric for the Ancient Stars yellow blocks yet, so those blocks still needs making.
After the washing and drying process, the label has been added and this quilt is now on its way to its forever home.