Thursday, 13 December 2018

A lesson learnt.

To anybody sending handmade gifts to the UK, please do not just say gift or what is inside the parcel.  They charge duties on it.  They scan packages, to make sure it has inside what it says.  Which is a good thing, except, when the handmade article looks so good, they do not believe a person made it?  Always write in bold, HANDMADE and HOMEMADE before stating the contents.
 This purse they believed is shop bought.
The pink bag as well. The patterns and hardware comes from Emmaline Bags.
The seasons change, this was in the fall, with the mist.
 The rug hooking guild had another display at the local library.
This festive piece caught my eye.  It was very well done.
 Carol brought in a stocking made for her son, everyone in the family has received a stitched stocking from her Aunt, what a special gift.
 Love the teddies.
 These are all woven pieces, they are super soft and are drying cloths, made from linen.
 Marguerite, is new at weaving, she jumped into the craft the last year and what she has been making, is just so amazing. 
 Diane has been stitching away, her 2018 Stitch-a-long for December has been started.
 This is the 2017 one, done in shades of blue.  She has finished the purple one.
We are truly blessed with all the creative people who surround us. 
You know it is cold outside, when the trees are covered in frost.
 Happy New Year! 


Everyone has something special at which they are good at.  Some knit, weave, sew, quilt and do embroidery.  We all have friends who inspired us with their passion for their craft.  So much so that some even get bitten by the bug and take up another craft, not daunted by the scale of learning something new.
Scary,  as that may be, we take the first step, on a journey and a discovery with an adventure of a lifetime.  It would be easy to give up, if one felt intimidated by others, whom have been doing the craft for years.  Sadly this happen to a number of people, what they do not realize, just how much pleasure and friendship they miss out on, in the long run.  Today, I would like to share with you a little bit of my friend Lori's Stitching.
This sampler is also filled with the family's initials, doubling as a family tree.
One can frame all the pieces, which could become costly.  Some finish very many pieces and keep them stored away,  in a cupboard.  Stitched pieces can be used to add to personal details, decorating every part of a home.
No spot is off limits.  Rotating pieces every year, using them on the mantelpiece this year and next year on the Christmas tree.
Adding other treasures, along the way.
Christmas joy, with words and pops of colour.
A tree filled with pieces, stitched over many hours, over the years.  A treasure trove, for generations to come.  Thank you Lori, for allowing me to share your beautiful work. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Kids wax crayons and paint.

At this time of the year, everybody is busy with some craft project, just in time for Christmas.  Over the years, ours kids collect art supplies, which they need for projects at school.  Then one day arrive and they no longer need them.  They leave the nest and the parents are left with this treasure trove of goodies.
Over the past weekend, my white wax crayon, ran out.  One use this as the base, before using the colour crayons for tinting.  Not only could I dig through the art supplies, it was fun and brought back many happy memories with the kids.  So glad to find just what I needed, yet I am grateful for the time and the many hours we got to spend, creating together.
Also got to wash the batiks for Simple gifts.  Had a colour catcher and tossed it in the wash with the fabrics.  Did not think there would be a colour run, so glad I did.  The colour catcher did its work.  It use to be white, it is on the left in the photograph, above.
This block just need the green leaves and the ladybug needs some small embroidery details.
With the overlay in place.  Using this means the pattern can stay in it's envelope.  All the details are numbered on this protective sheet.  Serving a dual purpose.
Love Entwined, has the pixies, tulips or in my case hycanthis.  A spring bulb, which comes in white, pink and an intense blue/purple colour.  This quilt will take many years to finish, it is about the journey, not the destination.