Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Fall is here.

The trees are amazing, everywhere we go, the leaves have changed colour.  This year the leaves have not all been blown of the trees, like last year.
 Have finished stitching the top , next is the band around the sides. 
This is Monaco fabric, the holes are very small, making the stitching a slow process.  Will be doing the side, with a linen, as the holes are larger, making it easier to stitch.
 The table runners and tea cosy's are done.
The original pattern for the table runner center panel was just too short for me, so I have made it longer by a half an inch.  Can definitely say it made a huge difference and I am glad that I added the extra length.  Kits and pattern available from TheHobbyHorseQuiltShoppe.
Thinking of making another one with this fabric?
Baby yarn for some more baby hats.
 This is our local Quilt shop, on a farm.  The Hobby Horse, we are very lucky it is close by.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Tea and Dickens.

This year for Christmas everyone asked for, tea cosy's.  Some family members who are in on the surprise has been helping to get the measurements for said tea pots. They find very creative ways to get their hands on the teapots and then measure them.   Funny how we all have big small, large and tall teapots.  Not one the same.  One can buy them, but these ones will be homemade, with each persons favourite colours and themes.
Some beanie hats needed to be made and be shipped to their new forever family.  Some sunbirds are migrating to snow country.
Diane finished her Jane Bannister, what a beauty she turned out to be.
The cats in the garden.
The finished piece.
 Having tea and scones, is one of those special moments, spending time with  family and friends that creates special bonds of memories and friendship. 

We recently went to Dickens, a unique tea shop and had some lunch or high tea.  Served in bone china cups with saucers and tea, taking time to just savor the brew and enjoying time spent relaxing and chatting. The treats disappeared before a picture was taken. It was very good, not a crumb was left behind!
Display cabinets in the little tea museum.
Something for the guys, after they have had to endure or enjoy the tea and treats?
 Just before leaving the shop, they have a sweetie section, so much to choose from and any flavour one could think of, it just brought out the little kid out in all of us.
Happy Thanksgiving !

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Tuesday, 1 October 2019


There is nothing more relaxing than spending time outdoors in nature, especially when the weather is just perfect and the bugs behave themselves. We spent some time out west in September, it was amazing.  Walking along the river, surrounded by tall trees and mountains. (The river on our last walk before we came home.  They had lots of rain and the river turned into a cloudy body of water.)
One morning a bald eagle decided to have a bath in a shallow pool in the river.  He took his time and we were treated to a rare treat. He flew off, came back and decided he had missed a few spots and started all over again.  He did this about three times and was not put out by the fact that we were watching this spectacle from the banks of the river. 
We did a blue heron count on our walks, at home we normally do a bunny count. (Blue Heron sleeping on a branch, next to the tall tree.)
The salmon was swimming up stream and one could watch them come past you in the water, a few fishermen caught some. They were mainly "springs". Big fish, nothing smaller than 40cm came past us while we watched them swim up river, to go and spawn.
Found some of the same batiks that I got last year for Simple Gifts.
It is for the leaves, the fabric had quite a bit of shrinkage in it.  Once it went through the wash, it was not enough to do the leaves.  Very glad to find the exact ones from last year, except one.
Took this block with, a few more leaves to needleturn applique and then the first block will be done.
Charm quilt almost have another two rows done. English paper piecing with freezer paper.
Found these fabrics, baby quilts ?
 Baby blanket coming along.  Some baby yarn for a sweater?
Two adult beanie hats to make.
 Started one of the Christmas cross-stitch gifts.
Jack Frost Part Two started, this will be turned into an ornament.
Have a few of these mini charm square packs.  Now know how they will be used, to complete another quilt from 2016.
Last but least, found the floss for this project.
On my bucket list for a while now, to dip my toes in the Pacific ocean.  We wanted to get to the Island, life happened.  Instead we got to fly over the ocean. The view was spectacular!

Get well soon, Glenda!