Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Diamond Hill Part III

Spring is here, now we are waiting for the weather to warm up.
This block, had a lot of different elements which allowed the fabrics to be used in a creative way.
The flowers with all the petals, reminded me of Daisies.
 The completed block.
 The leaves.
 These large leaves, was great to make.
The finished leaf.
Whitewashed up on the wall, my friend decided to make this for her dining room. When she saw the pattern and the kit, she knew exactly where she would put it.  These pictures were taken early evening.
The furniture have squares on them, which is repeated in the quilt. A play on squares.
 Another sign everything wants to grow?
These butternut pips, inside the unpeeled pumpkin started to sprout, so it was quite a surprise when I cut into it and started to scoop out the growing pips!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Quilted by a Longarm quilter.

 Whitewashed was taken to Rose, at The Happy Nesters to longarm quilt it.  It looks stunning.
 The fabric is covered in writing, adding lots of interest.
 Music notes.
 This one has famous buildings.
 The Eiffel Tower.
This is an all over panto design.  Longarm quilting is a way of getting quilt tops, quilted by a professional quilter, with one big quilting machine. Panto is one design which is used all over, instead of a combination of a lot of different designs, which is called custom quilting.
Diamond Hill Part III:

The block so far, have not done much the last week, life happens.
Just love the cat. Can just imagine, how it is trying to work out, to get the bird!
We once had a cat, which caught all the fish in the pond we built.
 A small quilt, using themed fabric, by a newbie with a passion for patchwork.  She designed and made it from start to finish.
Champagne Balls:
 These take about 48 hours to make, they are a special treat from South Africa!
 The best way to eat them is warm.....
The Preparation:
 This is what the process looks like, the dough after the first kneading process...
 The next day after a couple of steps, more kneading...
 Now time takes over and they have to grow...
 They need a warm place to grow....
 helping the process along, gently....
This is what the inside should look like....the taste is amazing.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Quilts to keep us toasty and warm.

Old man winter is not quite ready to depart yet, this morning we had snow on the ground and -20C with the wind chill!  As quilters, we can enjoy the fruits of our labour, cuddling under quilts, which we have made.

This one can be won, you can buy a raffle ticket from Anna, it is in support of the ride for cancer. 
 Quilted with a modern design and a variegated thread.
 The back of the quilt is an Australian fabric.
 A cross-stitch project, see the quilt? How many of us have started stitching projects years ago and are still working on them, from time to time?  Stitching is a relaxing way to pass the time.
Love the little ball of yarn. The joy of doing a few stitches, with needle and thread.
 Diamond Hill Part II
 The trumpet flowers and leaves.
 One of the lollipop swirl flowers, stitched in place.
 The big lollipop flower.
The block is done!

Now for something super cute, if you like sweets, little cakes, enjoy creating these treats with yarn,
this one is for you!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Painting with paper and pencils.

A Newbie made Whitewashed, you can find the free pattern here.   It is on its way to be quilted.  This was a first attempt, all the fabrics have different textures and many have writing on the fabric.
We all have to play.  So out came the pencils and paper, time to colour in some triangles. Rainbows on paper are quick to create and some other colourways.  Once everything is where one wants it, then one can take the plunge and cut the fabric.  Planning and preparation, always takes the most time.  Spending the time to get everything right, makes creating the final product seamless and a joy to do.

Diamond Hill, Part II:
 Stems and new growth.
Lollipop and swirl flowers.
The best way to end the day, watching the sunset.......

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Quilts for a cause.....

The weir when we walked past it this week.  We had a day when it was warm enough to melt all the snow, but it is all coming back again this weekend.  We knew the weather was too good to be true!
Dear Jane, has some blocks finished.  Progress on this one, was always going to be slow.
Diamond Hill block number two, has the little pods sewn down.
 The applique is beautiful and the purple pops against the black background fabric.
 The pattern and the kit, all of this in wool. We are looking forward to these two Seasons.
One of the ladies from Makers Club, is doing these beauties.

A friend is doing the ride for the cure for cancer.   She made a quilt to raffle, to raise funds for this worthy cause.  For tickets, contact Anna.
Carol made a T-Shirt Quilt, with her T-Shirts from the walk for Breast Cancer.
Some 365 blocks.
Splendid Sampler, with a little Broderie Perse, for the hearts and flowers.