Thursday, 16 July 2020

A fresh start.

Each day is baby steps towards finding a balance in our lives. We are slowly picking up the pieces and reconnecting with everything that is familiar to us. After finishing the two weeks of quarantine, we realize how blessed we are to have the most amazing neighbours and friends. We appreciate the freedom of going for a walk and doing something as mundane as grocery shopping.  We changed winter tyres in July! The car needed a boost a few times. Then hubby took it for an extensive drive, it is happy now.
These two tops were waiting for the red borders, found this fabric while we were away. Had no idea if the red was the right one, it turned out to be perfect. The binding is partially made  from the remainder of the red fabric.
Started "Kringle's" stitched piece. 
Did some more hand quilting,  this quilt has been on the frame since February. 
Veggie seeds, bought these also in February and had good intentions of starting them off indoors at the end of April,  except we were caught up in a lockdown overseas and could not get home.  Have since planted some seeds in containers in the garage,  they have sprouted. The bean plants are now 9 inches tall and will be planted in the back garden tomorrow. With the extreme heat, planting the seeds in the garden, did not seem like the best way to germinate the seeds. 
It took five days to grow this super bean. (It is planted in the garden and doing well, the pots are now out doors as well).

Trimmed the lavender back yesterday,  watered the grass and did some weeding. All the fresh air made me sleep like a baby. 

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Canada Day and Home.

Happy Birthday!  Ist of July is Canada Day, what a difference a  virus made to the whole world.  It all still seems so surreal.  This is not what any of us could have predicted at the start of the year. We are finally home! Thanks to KLM and the Dutch embassy,  who did not let red tape and many unmentionable roadblocks deter them to make it possible for many foreign nationals to go back to their home countries.  We Thank them for what they did for all of us, under very difficult circumstances. 
 The travel projects I packed to work on if time allowed for it, the next round of the Hertfordshire Quilt was on my to list for April, it got done in May. Still have to sew it to the centre piece, EPP the whole piece, so far it looks like it will fit?
Main Street Station,  it got done in June.
Finished the farm house before working on Main Street Station. 
Jack Frost tree farm, this one got lots of work in April. 
Christmas Garden was the only project which was not finished. 
This is how far it is now,  before we finally left to come home. The sense of relief when the plane took off and became airborne, was indescribable and it was the happiest we have ever been to be on an aeroplane and flying home! (Thre crazy part is, normally if I get anything done on said projects, it is a lot. They go with to while away time when waiting in transit. This helped me to cope under very trying and difficult conditions.)
These linens and pattern arrived at  Gitta's and Diane kindly picked them up for me. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do, thank you.
Diane surprised me with this pattern! It will definitely help in the next couple of months as we traverse the emotional impact on us, after what we went through the last 97 days. 
Our neighbours have gone beyond the call of duty, while we were stuck in lockdown overseas. They have kept an eye on our house, parked theirs cars on the drive way.  Cut the grass, even weeded it. Sent us pictures, so the family could see the house was still okay.  They even fetch our cat and dropped her off in the back garden.  They did not think twice to help out, knowing we could not leave to go and fetch her,  as we have to self quarantine for two weeks and are not allowed to leave the house and our yard. So to all of these amazing neighbours,  you are our heroes and we will never forget what you did for our family, so a simple word like "Thank you" seems just so inadequate.  The heartwarming welcome home will be treasured forever.