Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy......

The last while, life has been very busy, including a trip to Ottawa.  It was our fire dip to Canada.  Even if it was -22C when we first stepped  foot on Canadian soil, we were greeted with a warm welcome.  We now call Canada home, in more ways than one.
Next year this amazing country will celebrate a big birthday, as part of the festivities, special tulip bulbs are being planted across the country, to bloom in late June, just in time for Canada Day, 1st of July.
Since we have been away, not a lot of sewing happening.  This is part of a special project.  It has a lot of applique and the end result will be looking very different to this simple begining.
My charm quilt went with, as it is handwork and easier to work on, while travelling and chatting.
These four rows, need to be sewn onto the main part. 
 Wonderclips, using them to hold the pieces together, while sewing them, makes English piecing a breeze.
I started off with ten, then decided to get a box full.  Now they can be used when I sew on binding.
Met  Loxley, he loved this bag and was eager to find treasures inside the bag.  Trying to get a picture while he was doing it, was very tricky.  He is currently enjoying TLC with his special Mom and Dad, before he will be adopted by his new family.  It takes a special family to foster animals, especially cats.  
 In the garden.  We planted sage and parsley, which came in four inch pots.  With the hot summer, this is the result.
A friend, who has a problem with gluten, decided to make her own soap, which she started to give as gifts. It turned out to be amazing soap, once you have washed your hands with it, their is no need to put lotion on.
What a find!
Just in time for winter.

PS: With travel, comes visits to Quilt shops, so stay tuned, eye candy will be following soon...

Thursday, 22 September 2016


We all have our favourite Quilt Shop's.  Over the years we meet people, who become friends and we enjoy their company.  We may move to another part of the country or world,  but we always go back and see those near and dear to us.  On this visit,  it was no different.  I got to see two of my favourite one's, the other one is two days travel away.
Amazing how the shops may be small, but they stock a wide variety of things under one roof.  Charlie's has everything from Sewing Machines, Quilt fabric, Wool, Notions, and a wide variety of embroidery  silks and threads. Novelty buttons, one of my children have a collection from Auntie Charlie's, which grew every time we popped into the shop.  
 This is a sampler class.  The background fabric on this quilt is a light green.
  Liz and the quilter who made this top.  Sampler quilts are a great way to learn a variety of techniques.
  A finished Sampler quilt, quilted and ready to have the binding stitched on.
 Charlie, busy as usual, using her embroidery machine to create new masterpieces.  She is very creative and push the boundaries of how far and what she can do with an embroidery machine. This is very much a family business, her husband looks after the Service and  Maintenance Department and each and everyone who sends their machine to be serviced,  is a very happy person. 
 This is the window display, the designs are from Artistic Designs,  Ruby I & II Collection.
 It is a collection, embracing friendship and spending time together.  Lunch with the ladies, going on outings, something we all enjoy doing.
Antique Little Sewing Machines.
A Double Wedding Ring Quilt, in Blues, Cream and a touch of Brown.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


When I met Grace, many years ago, her warm and sunny personality stood out.  Over the years she has stayed calm and never allowed life to ruffle her feathers.  Life has tested her, she has never wavered. Her house is built on a rock, her driveway, we can all tell you, will give you a workout.  Navigating it with a car or your feet, you have to pay attention.  It is worth the effort, as the welcome is always warm and it is a treat to see the quilts and fabrics inside the shop.. On my visit,  Grace arranged a teaparty for those ladies who was not away on holiday.
 The Queen of Shwe-Shwe fabric, Irene Florence brought a surprise charm quilt.
When eight of us got together to do our Charm Group, we always had an extra block, one of the ladies collected the extra block and made a mystery pile, for a mystery member.  It turned out to be Irene.  This is the quilt she made.  My house quilt is not done, but my Nickle Quilt is.  I am now inspired to get my charm quilt done.
A quilt longarm quilted, ready for pick up.
 It is machine embroidered.
Different quilting designs add dimension to this unique quilt.
 Quilts on the walls decorating the walls and the loft.
Cats, Grace has a love of them and many a visit one of her special friends will welcome you.
A Bargello.
 The Twelve Days of Christmas.
This fun and happy one. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A quiet moment.

Sometimes enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, is the best way to while away a moment in time.
This is a winters day in South Africa, it was 25C.  Blue skies and sunshine, Spring was not even around the corner. 

I sat here in the garden, stitching and adding more applique to Love Entwined.  With this view, it was beautiful and the birdlife in this garden was a special treat.  Lourie's, Mousebirds, Yellow Weavers, Little Robins, Ha-Di-Dahs and Sugarbirds. 

 Love Entwined was the only work in progress I took with me.  All the embroidery is done, a few flowers still need to be added, then it is just the leaves, before the center will be done. 
A fairy garden, created around the natural stone in the garden.  Cacti and aloes grow well in this hot climate.
In this garden there is lots of interesting metal scupltures, this one was unexpected, next to one of the entrances to the house. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Love Entwined's grand Adventure, .......

 There is so much about travelling, especially going to Africa, which changes one forever.  A part of you becomes filled with an energy, once this happens, you embrace life one hundred percent.  It is like being a kid again, trying everything for the first time, exploring and experiencing new adventures, taking ordinary life and discovering the extraordinary everyday.
Kids clothes at the airport.
  Traditional South African bead work, is used to decorate  wool felt Beret"s.
Handmade beaded jewellery.
  Shwe-shwe fabric comes in a wide variety of colours.  This designer, makes some amazing pieces. She will be in showing her collection at Africa London Fashion Week
A hat is a must outside, as the sun can be very hot.  For more than nine months of the year, the weather is above 25C.  Good quality cotton fabric, the designs and prints, catering for everyone. 
 When one have two long haul flights, with some time on one's hands, it pays to take something with to read, some applique (working on Love Entwined) to while a way the time, in between walking and exploring everything that is on offer.  
This waiting game is always the one, which brings unexpected surprises. Meeting people, one normally do not meet in everyday life.
Gracey, one amazing woman, who is a very special part of our family.