Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Barn Signs.

Many times when one drive past big old barns, they have a large square on them, with a design painted in bright colours. AccuQuilt runs a design contest and the winner gets their design on a 17 foot square desplayed for a year, at their headquarters building, in Omaha, Neb.  It has to to be an original design,  many enter every year.  Voting starts today!  
 Binding made.  Still has to make the top.
Embroidered a few French Knots.
This is something special for a friend.
Leaders and Enders, a few more got sewn.
365 Challenge, the blocks this week.  They are 3 inch blocks.
Last but not least, my hexie block. (My entry in the 2017 AccuQuilt Block Contest!)

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Fairy Doors and Keys....

 At our local Farmers Market in the summer, these two sisters set up shop,  it is lively and create a lot of conversation.
 Fairy Doors with Keys...
Fun signs, you can find them here.
 Amish Barn Signs and the meaning of the colours.

 As we have just been working in the garden, getting our backyard into a space where we can hopefully relax a bit, after a three year project, to fix it, we can now close another chapter, where we came in and fixed, what the previous owner should have done the right way.  Cutting corners, trying to do something in a hurry, always create more work, which could so easily have been avoided, with more care and planning.  The saying:  "the devil is in the detail"  is all too true...
Not a lot of sewing is happening my side.
  Have started 365 again.
 Playing with lap quilting, it is a different way of quilting without the use of any hoops.
Using red for the dark and cream for the light for the quilting.
 Getting the colour sorted for the Bargello class. 
Juliette has arrived, it is for a wedding quilt...

Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Mother's Love.

Recently, I was asked to create a special quilt, by a Mom who wanted a memory quilt to give her daughter, who is getting married soon.  Over the years, she had saved all her daughters favourite dresses,  jeans and baby clothes.  After hearing the stories of how much she loved wearing the dresses, her jeans, which was extended with another pair to make them last longer as she grew.  To a all the patches which was added, when they became too well loved and feeling how soft the fabric had become over time.  I had to make this Quilt. (Her most special dress with animals on,  was appliqued,  all over the quilt.)
 This dress was her all time favourite.  It was the only one which was not modified.  All the other dresses and clothes was saved.  She will be able to use it for her own children one day.  The only one which was used entirely for the quilt, was the one with the animals.
 A patch from the jeans.  It has green sparkly beads on, with beautiful embroidery.
Some of the blocks,  the fabrics was all very different and unique.
The finished quilt.  Which her Mom gave to her at her Bridal Shower.  It gave me goosebumps, when her Mom showed me the video, when she received it and realised,  it was her dresses!
 The Family has a special saying, which was included on the label on the back of the quilt...