Sunday, 30 August 2020

Busy August.

Planted this rose three years ago, it had nine buds and blooms on. With the heatwave they open and the petals flutter to the ground. Have been busy in the garden. 
The drums, this is number 3.Number 1. On the pattern is a picture of what the drums looks like. These two get stitched on the same colour fabric. Pinned the center of the Hertfordshire Quilt to the next round, the black border print was just not wide enough? So it will get a wider black border around the center piece.Prepped the log cabin blocks,  ready for sewing together.Sewn together, then  noticed the one block was turned? Unpicked it and redid it in the right orientation. The true colours not showing in these pictures.This is closer to the true colour of the fabrics. Have some strips left, will sew them into a border for this quilt top. Using all the leftover bits. One way to declutter the house.Masks with Beatrix Potter fabrics.A friends husband is a teacher, he wanted some for school and some for when he is out and about.Started the QAL with Sugaridoo in last year? Finally pulled it out and prepared another row. The next one will be released in September. Have a  few  rows to catch up, from March to August.The green beans, which was planted as seeds begining July. They are very sweet. The Zucchini plants have flowers on.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

How do your garden grow?

The green beans just took off and they needed to be transplanted into the garden after five days, almost as if they understood that the season was getting along swiftly. 
My hatchery in pots. We realize that the raised veggie boxes needed to be built, so we got on with that. Used a combination of the cardboard on the bottom on top of the grass and the "Hugel" system,  which allows one to fill the bottom section of the boxes with wood that will biodegradable over time, but in the interm supply filler. In the grand scheme of things one then only need half the amount of soil for the top half.The wood chosen is soft and most of it just breaks up when one pick it up. The cardboard sticking out has been trimmed back already.Filled with the first layer of soil.Boxes filled with soil, watered and left to rest before planting.
We did six boxes in total.  These ones has zucchini,  tomatoes,  spinach, peas, beets and Italian lettuce.More lettuce, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes.  Normally seeds do not grow this well for me, so this was the biggest surprise of all. The vegetables now have a dedicated space in the garden, it has been very therapeutic to grow plants and soothing.
Onions in pots and the garden.
Carrots? Only one came up.
What else sprouted? Lemon trees from seeds. Bought a lemon in the grocery store and this is the result.
Sewing happened,  the log cabin blocks are finished,  they have been patiently waiting for me since March. Have started making masks which will be sold on the Etsy store. This is to recuperate some funds to pay for the repatriation flights we incurred to come home. We could not use our original tickets to fly home, lockdowns overseas created turmoil in ways no one could have predicted!Kids masks.Adult masks. Have created a pattern from extra small, small, medium, large(regular and a relaxed fit) and extra large. Using 100% cotton fabrics only. This is the other bit of sewing that is happening for the next while. A neighbour needed scrub caps with the buttons, so two got made for her as a gift to say thank you. A little bit of sewing that goes a long way.