Saturday, 31 July 2021


Allowing the sweet peas to go to seed.
One pepper and a zucchini. 
A broccoli,  first one.
Cucumbers are pickling cucumbers. 
Tomatoes and spinach.

Quilt Workshop.

July saw many little four-patch blocks pile up.  These will be used in the churn dash blocks. 
This quilt now has a finish date. It has been slowly but surely being quilted on my lap without a hoop.
It is now back in a hoop and the quilting is happening a block a day. Lap quilting without a hoop is not for me, this I came to realise this past week.The hoop quilting on my lap finished many a quilt. We all Have had our second vaccine and are glad to have that done and behind us. The Singer Featherweight got its first-time cleaning and going through its maintenance by me yesterday. It was so rewarding to use a product a friend helped to develop years ago, it took very little product, VARSOL. The gears is a thing of beauty and so clean. The machine is humming quietly now. Hubby was going to do this all, just never had time. So in all fairness,  his work is long hours and his machine got done first. Next week will be mine. He wants to sew leather and all sorts of stuff with his, hence we each have our own machines.

Sunday, 25 July 2021


This  quilt is being lap quilted. With all the rain and humidity we do indoors for the moment.  So quilting this quilt at the moment. 
It will be given as a birthday present in September.  So with the weird summer weather, instead of enjoying summer outdoors, we are doing that indoors!
Also been preparing berries for the red and white quilt. Making a pile and have them all ready for when they are needed. They can be very addictive and having a bowl filled with berries is great way to add them to a piece.

Summer gardens.

The sweet peas are flowering and they have so much colour.
We have had so much rain, it seems to follow us wherever we go. So we want to send some rain to area's most which needs soft gentle rains to put out wild fires and to stop droughts and give new life to where it is needed on our beautiful planet.
Celebrating my littlest lemon tree, it was grown from a grocery store bought lemon. It is almost a year old!
Cucumber first one ever!
Tomatoes seek up on me, one day we had flowers and then nothing. Yesterday I noticed these young fruit on the plants.
Zucchini,  two different coloured ones on one plant?

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Nine patch blocks.

Nine patch blocks. 
Lay sewn strip sets on die at ninety degree angle. 
Cover with cutting mat and cut with the Accuquilt. 
Cut pieces ready for sewing the nine patch blocks. 
Quick way to do the cutting of these tiny blocks.

Time goes by.

July has been an interesting month. This is a free mystery quilt along that was offered by Laundry basket quilts.  Waited until the whole pattern was released as I was not sure if there was enough fabric. Bought this a long time ago.
Making a few blocks a day. Over two weeks, then you have a large quilt top. Her attention to detail and how to iron the seams is well thought out and it makes for an excellent way to teach on how to piece and square a quilt one block at a time. 
Binding made with some orange and the piece of green that was no where to be founded when this top was started. Good thing too that it was missing in action, it would have been too much in the quilt. Works far better as part of the binding!

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Lone Star.

The center was off, it was unpicked. How do you get the center flat and meeting in the middle?
Before it got unpicker.  This is  a first attempt at this pattern.The back, no steam was used. Stitching carefully as not to stretch any seams. Planning a second one with all the fabric starched.  This was better, still needs a bit of practice. 
Sweet peas flowering, love the collection colours.

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Fixing it.!

A lone star quilt after mire than 33 years? Thanks to a you-tube video from Jordan Fabrics.No starch is used. Was happily sewing these diamonds together, except daydreaming and being a milion miles away took my focus elsewhere.  Some need ubpicking as they are not a quarter inch overlapping with the seams at the beginning,  which means they are off by a bit. So the unpicker will come out and they will be fixed one seam at a time.Orphan blocks leftover from the pinwheel blocks are now to be made into pincushions.
The red and white anchor cornerstones. 
The progress so far.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Blues come out to play.

The blue top got some borders. 
Pin wheels from left over triangle square blocks from the 365 Quilt Challenge.
First a skinny dark blue border. 
Followed by a light border with pinwheel blocks.
Working on the dark blue binding. Once it is done, it will go into the box with the top waiting to be quilted.
With the rain and humidity we do indoors for the moment. 

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Red applique.

Working on applique of the Zig zag red and white diamond borders is slowly but surely getting done.
Some red and white fabrics from The Hobby Horse QUILT Shoppe.
Found some treasures,  twenty five blocks worth of four patches.
The nine patches from scrappy parts also in the same box.
A rainy day here.

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Four patches.

The churn dash blocks is the alternate "between" block with the nine patch blocks.
Unfinished the four patch blocks is tiny. The finished square in a square is two inches.
This is the basket with units already made, need a total 444, so many more to go. Will work on these this month and some scrappy nine patches.More nine patches cut in blues.Scrappy pieces leftover from previous months. Will assemble them into blocks as well.