Saturday, 9 November 2019

The Circle of Life.

This past week has been very difficult, as my Dad passed away.  Losing a parent is never easy, we lost our Mom many years ago, so he was our last link. As we come from a large family, many siblings all over the world, he was the connection.  

The funny part, he was a quiet man.  After Mom passed, all of a sudden he had to be the one to chat to.  It took a while, as he realized, we all would be calling and visiting very often.  We are a close family, we hug a lot and say I love you, lots and accept everyone with all their quirks. 

Life is short and tomorrow may never come, so don't hold back.  Live life with passion, do it your way and knowingly, do it in a way you do not have any regrets.  Do all the things you need and want to do, with love and a good heart.  Treat people, the way you wish to be treated, with kindness and grace.  

The hardest part, we can not pick up the phone and call him, just the thought of never hearing his voice, is the part which trips us up and makes our hearts shudder.  Until we meet again, you left and went to Heaven, now a piece of Heaven lives in our homes, we miss you...

in Loving memory, Oupa Hans, 1936-2019.