Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Boy, oh boy! Has it been hot.....

 The first week of Autumn/Fall arrived with a blast, of heat.  It has been very hot, making up for the below seasonal summer.  My tomato plants decided, to produce more fruit, the parsley plant seem to have grown inches overnight.  Even the plants think they have the wrong growing season.  With all of this happening, we did our walk/run for our local hospital to raise money to buy more digital imaging equipment, which it needs.
The heat was not going to stop us.
 As part of Christmas gifts, I was asked to make more Beanies. They are made with a loom and use thick acrylic wool.
Decided to use up leftovers from a few hats, from last year.
LE, a few more stitches was added to the hearts.
 The Bargello Class:
This week it is all about sewing the strips, together, from the bottom to the top.
Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Step 4.
Step 5.
 Step 6.
Step 7.
Step 8.
 Step 9.
 Step 10. This is the end result.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The T-Bag.

This is one of those bags, which is as the name suggests, is a T.  This is the shape of the pattern.  It is a good way to use up squares of fabric scraps.
 Use iron-on interfacing, it can be a light weight one.
Cut two and draw the squares on the interfacing, these will be placement for the squares.
 Once the squares are in place, fuse them to the interfacing.
  Creating two T's for the bag.  They can be match or be as scrappy as you want them to be.
Next,  fold the first row of squares, back over the row of squares, right next to it.  Right sides together, then sew these two rows together.  Do this until all the vertical rows are sewn.
Next pin the horizontal rows and stitch all of those rows.
 This is the main body of the bag.
 Cut two layers of batting, for the main body.
Cut two layers of lining for the main body.  Layer them, with the batting sandwiched in the middle, right sides of the fabric showing to the outside.  The same way you would sandwich a quilt.  Then quilt the three layers, together.  Do both T's for the bag. Then stitch binding to the top of both T's.

Next do the front and back pockets for the bag.
This bag has machine embroidered pockets on the front and the back of the bag.
Layer the embroidered pockets on top of batting and the lining.  Then quilt these pockets. Also stitch binding at the top of the pockets.
Once they are quilted, trim them to fit the narrow section of the T.  Next sew them to the main body of the T on the narrow T section.  The bottom of the pocket is sewn down, right where the narrow section becomes the large part of the T-section.

Layering, the two T's on top of each other, right sides showing to the outside. Then stitch three sides of the centre nine patch on the large Top section of the T, creating a U-shape. Then turn the side flaps towards the front and back on the sides and attach.
 It should look like this, with the squares showing on the outside.
 Cover the raw edges, on the sides with binding.  Stitch on handles to your main bag and your bag is done.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Gift of Giving.

In life, we will find very many people.  Each one as unique and different as the next.  Together we make up, the people of this planet.  It does not matter where we live, who we are or what we do.  We all want to be happy and healthy.  Have a good life.  Sometimes, we have speedbumps on the way, which we have seen recently.  Harvey and Irma, wildfires in British Columbia.  To name but a few.  Each and everyone of us can do something, to make a difference.  We can choose to do so.  Some donate money, others time.  Some the skills they have, to rebuild and others their ability to create.  Together, each little bit adds up, in the end, this is the difference, between failure and success.  It is a hairs breath difference, but oh my, what a difference!
 Quilts in the making for those in need.  Charm squares, come in handy, at times like these. No need to cut the fabric, it is precut.
A birthday bag for a teacher.  This is to keep a special book protected and all the children in class look forward to getting their turn, when it is their Birthday. They get to take it home, read the book with their parents and then bring it back, so that everyone gets a turn.
 Gifts from the heart.
 Finding time to add details.
Every square is used, nothing goes to waste.
The Bargello class has started:
Sewing the strips into pairs.
Make sure the two fabric strips is straight and the edges aligned.  Not like this one above.
This is the way the strips should be.  Making sure the even numbers are on top, when sewing the pairs together. Maintaining an even quarter inch seam, when sewing strips of fabric into pairs.
The finished fabric pair, from the back.
The finished fabric strip, from the right side.
Embroidery, on this quilt, says it so well.

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tiger Lillies and Summer.....

As can be expected, we tried to cram as much as we could in to enjoy the last few days of the summer holidays.  Not a lot of sewing happened the last while.  When time allowed,  a few projects did get some time,  mostly prepping bits and pieces.
Leaders and enders.
Love Entwined.
365 got one more block.
All that I need to work on 365,  is now on this large tray.
Received this kit as a gift,  all the pieces are cut out, except the applique.
We have had rain, not anything near as much as what others have received.  We are very fortunate, so giving to those affected,  is important.  It could so easily be all of us.  A request for quilts have started,  I have had this top ready for ages, never got round to quilting it.  Now would be a good time to get it done and send it to a new forever home.
The more we give, the more we receive.....