Sunday, 29 August 2021

Zebra cheesecake...

This quilt is all that I have worked on, sewing related. The kitchen has seen me for baking summer favourites, lemon meringue pie and a new one: Zebra cheesecake. 
Made sure to share it far and wide.
Using painter's tape for the cross hatching, makes it quicker than marking all the lines.
The long cream borders have two straight lines quilted, this is about one inch apart.
The center with the cross hatching,  it is a design and pattern that I love on a quilt.
The album block.
The hearts block.
The oak leaf block. Enjoying this quilt now even more than when it was started all those years ago...

Sunday, 22 August 2021

Snail's pace.

In nature we have no guarantee that we will be rewarded with a successful outcome at the end of the season.  We plant seeds and wait for the seeds to sprout and grow.  We prepare the soil, water and nurture with love.  Life and each and every project is the same.
Many times we fall in love with a pattern and we may be beyond our skill sets to make.  Others we know will try to deter us from trying, yet how do we grow without jumping in and trying. Along the way we get to learn and grow, irrespective of the outcome. Some projects take years and it is okay. We all take our own paths and grow at our own pace. Make what you love, many will try to convince us to follow their route, before we should be allowed to try our own?Hand quilting takes time and it is a lot slower, yet it is so great to just enjoy the rhythm of the quilting.  Getting lost in the process and forgetting about time.
This glove helps when I have escaped for longer than what I realized.It has beads built in on one side to massage the hand and wrist.
A melon is growing, saw on a video to use a sling to help it while it grows...

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Churn dash.

These triangle squares are for the churn dash blocks that are the alternating blocks between then nine patch blocks.  
Hard to believe there are nearly four hundred and fifty blocks in this basket. They still have to be squared to the correct size. A couple a day and it is amazing how many can be sewn in a twenty minute frame of time.Took a break from the hand quilt and started to prepare Good Golly. Cutting out future projects, a little bit of the time. It has teal blocks in it as well.

Sunday, 15 August 2021

Work in progress..

It is progressing fast now, with the heatwave and the cooling on quilting this one has been possible in the heat of the heatwave.
One more block to quilt and a bit in the center around the applique shapes. Then it is the railway fence blocks and the background fabric with a cross hatch design on all of the blocks and borders with the cream. 
The block with the blue vase is the next one, best decision to put the quilt back into a hoop. Need to put it back on a lap stand next.

Saturday, 14 August 2021

Going with the flow...

Aqua nine patch blocks. 
More aqua and other strips in the pile got sewn into strips. They will be cut into one inch strips to create four and nine patch blocks in the coming days and months.
Churn dash triangle squares waiting to be sewn into units, spent time cutting up scraps only.
Finished units for the churn dash blocks. These will be trimmed to the correct size, before assembling the churn dash blocks. 
Finished nine patch blocks so far, ninety in total.

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Scrappy tuesday.

Playing with the scraps, some four patch blocks got done.
Strips sewn together. 
Nine patch strip sets in aqua and teal.
A few more got done. With the humidity in the upper thirties we are indoors at the moment. 

Sunday, 8 August 2021

Quiet time.

This morning before the humid conditions become too much. A walk quietly in nature amongst the trees towering high above was the perfect way to enjoy nature.  Also sat next to the murmuring stream and watching Dragon flies dancing over the water and playing hide and seek in between the leaves of an overhanging tree.  The little fish was swimming and the crayfish was just exploring over and under the rocks. It  was just magical to sit and watch nature, sometimes we just need to get back to the earth and the heart of the organic which is lost in all the craziness of the world. Stepping away from all the technology is good for all of us. We need to play in the dirt, it is the connection to the source of the universe.
Aqua fabrics,  some strips cut.
Squares for the churn dash blocks. 
Triangles for the same blocks. All of them from the scraps. 
Plus more strips for the nine patch blocks and four patch blocks. 
Today it is back to the hand quilting,  slowly but surely getting the quilt done for September. 

Saturday, 7 August 2021


The range of aqua and teal fabrics so far, will be using these first for the nine patch blocks and start to cut strips today. Finished these two Lone Star quilt tops, which was a spontaneous impromptu projects. They will be quilted and gifted to family members. Also hand quilted three more blocks on Album of Memories. Since putting the quilt back in a hoop, the quilting progress improved. Now it just needs to be attached to a lap stand. Have to figure out a way to do that.

Lone star number two and number one with borders on. 
Packed away in the box to be quilted. 

Thursday, 5 August 2021

Lone Star number two.

Second attempt at the Lone star pattern. The centre is better not perfect. This one was made with the remainder of the leftover diamonds and fabric of the first one.  Similar colours, will be doing some unpicking and adjusting the blue star in the center to get it more flat. Will then add borders and finish these quilts as utility quilts.
The first one, the center was also not flat. With this one the pattern was followed.  With the next one all the fabrics was starched and sewn not from the center but from the outside. The seams definitely meeting better with this method. Glad it was a pattern that took more than 30 years to get too, as I  was not ready to make this before. The center got a few seams tweaked and it is now flat.