Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Knitting and Stitching.

With the cold weather, we are inspired to want to quilt, stitch and knit.
Two baby hats, the pink one is finished.  The blue one is halfway there, the yellow one needs to be started, as soon as the blue one is completed.
Finished the Redwork awhile back.  Red borders have been added, it has been layered, pinned and is ready for quilting.
The Whole cloth quilt got some more quilting.
 The quilt design is printed on the top, all the lines comes out once one wash it.  So one do the quilting first, then wash it.
It will take a while to quilt this one.
Some of the charms, up close.
This is my charm quilt, pulled the rest of the pieces and they are all numbered, ready to be sewn together.  Twenty two rows have been sewn together already, another 36 rows to go.
Realized it will make two twin size quilt tops, with 28 rows each.
Four Seasons got some more love.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

New starts.

Wrote a whole post and did not save it,  how many of us has done that and lost the whole piece?
New start, got these in 2019. Still waiting for number 1 and 4 which has been ordered.  Today number three will be started, as it has the same fabric as number one.  It is called Christmas Village, by the Tiny Modernist. 
 Saw the drums at Gitta's .
Jack Frost Tree Farm will be done as one piece. Unpicked the one block that was started last year. So all the blocks have their outlines stitched.
Finished the next row of the quilt a long.
Row number 5 and 1. They are not released in order. Next one will be coming out towards the end of January.  Using bright and happy fabrics.
Loaded the first quilt on the frame in almost 6 years, it is a whole cloth quilt top.  Started the quilting, it is a Queen size.
Instead of a chair, I sit on a ball to do the quilting. It is easier to move along the frame and do not damage the carpet.
Log cabin blocks are started.  This quilt top will be going to Australia. They have lost so much.
Backing fabric for 365 Quilt Challenge is washed and ironed.
The quilt top, it will be machine quilted.

Spring cleaning? in January...

I have a very messy shelf, it has fabrics which has been collected over a long time.
 It is just all piled on the shelf.  Took a few photo's except did not realise the camera was on the wrong setting at the time.
Have since started to tidy up this shelf.
 This is what started the whole clean up operation.
 One can wrap yardage and fat quarters on to these boards and they make the fabric all neat and tidy.
 Just fold the fabric the width of the boards and wrap the fabric over the board.
So much better.
Our cat has decided to claim the bottom shelf, as it is perfect for a hiding spot for her.  Had to put something soft and quilted on the shelf to make it comfy for her.  Funny how she decided to move in, once I decided to rearrange what is on the shelves?

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Projects on the go.

We dream of beautiful summer gardens, alas it is winter and we have had a lots of snow already, which melts and then arrive to remind us it is not summer!
Started with the 11 hour adult sweater, it will take me a lot longer than that.  A friend suggested I should move on from knitting the baby sweaters...
This one got a start.
 The Hertfortshire Quilt is an ongoing project, started the next round.
This round has a on point nine patch and a rectangle with squares and triangles.
This is the back of the EPP, using the glue pen method. This will be taking a while to do this round.
Found this little kit recently and this one got sewn together.
A few leftover extra pieces was sewn into a mug mat.
The fabrics for the Sugaridoo Quilt Along. The first row was released at the end of November.
 The next row was released on the 26th of  December, triangles.  This is a modern and fun quilt along.
Pulled out this project and finished the dog. This was started last year.  The top of the box is done, this is the strip which goes around the sides.
Received a very special gift from my friend Diane.  She stitched and gifted me the 2017 Linen and Threads mystery sampler. This will be treasured for ever, a gift from the heart.  Her stitching is a talent, she is amazing, Thank you, Diane!