Monday, 28 September 2015


Sunrise on the beach.
A pincushion, opened. 

Travelling to new places, expand our palette in life.  We try new foods, discover so many places, nature adding to the bounty of what we discover along the way.

These fabrics from Makover,  was bought on holiday a few years back at Quilttalk.
The cats and all the bright colours, not to mentioned the expressions on their faces, just beg to go home with us.  The quilting was inspired by the way cats like to play with a ball of wool, unravelling as they go along, playing with it.
This fabric was used as a sashing,  the orange background of the same print was used around the little cat blocks, which was used around the center panel of the quilt.  Panels can be used in quilts, the notion that it is a waste of time is no longer true.  Women work and sometimes they want to make a gift, the time they have is limited.  Due to this, panels can help them create a gift, which is still just special.  It is in the spirit with which a gift is given, that counts. 
The finished quilt, it is still a labor of love,  as it is quilted just like a traditional quilt!
A closed pincushion.
The beach and the waves in full sunlight, on a hot day, perfect for a swim.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hats and more.

Recently I had to try and find a hat in a range of colours.  Looked every where, in the end my round knitting loom was dusted off and put to work.
The wool had to be thick, so two strands of yarn is used to make the hat with.
The wool, " Marble"  from Yarn and Crafts.
Once the knitting is five inches long, double the knitting, to create the ribbing, by hooking the first row back on to the pegs, then following the pattern, continue to knit.
The finished hat.
The pattern and how to knit this hat can be found here.
 Pin wheel quilt.
Bargello quilt.
This one is ready for quilting.  The rainy weather is the perfect time to make a start on the quilting.
A sure sign the leaves are turning, just a few weeks ago, they were all still green.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Lazy days of summer....

This past couple of days was cool,  it reminded us that summer is almost over, to enjoy the warm days we get,  as much as we can.
 Soon the embroidery projects will make way for the quilting and knitting.
Having made a start with some long term projects.  Looking back at some which we finished in the past.
 The best part of making these blocks, getting to try all the different embroidery stitches.
This is from, Two Cushions and a Quilt by Sue Akerman.
This book has inspired some amazing hand embroidered quilts, which have gone on to win Best Of Show.
Works in progress, these blocks are ready to be joined
Celebrating special occasions, having cake, especially chocolate, with sprinkles....

Looking up at the blue skies, watching the clouds float by and enjoying a picnic along the river, on a sunny warm day. 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Road Trips.

Over the summer, we go on road trips.  We stop and explore, when we need to stretch our legs and take a reprieve from driving. 
Along the way one see many farms and barns.  This quilt captures it beautifully.
The little towns dotted across the country side.  The churches at the heart of each community.
Sometimes when one stop in one of the towns,  there is the unexpected surprises.  This was one of them.  Needlworks X Stitch, a shop with two halves:  One half is a Quiltshop, the other half is a Stitching shop.  In the middle is a wall that divide the two, under one roof.
On the left is the Quiltshop and on the right the Stitching.
The selection was very good.
The scenery was worth the time to stop and just to enjoy the beauty with which nature surrounds us.  Thousand Islands, along the St. Lawrence River.
 On the return trip we stopped here.  Came home with more than a few pies. 
 Random objects one encounter along the way.
Many people never stop, all in a hurry to get home.  This apple can be seen from the Highway.  A good spot to stop for lunch.
These were some of the nibbles we baked, which we took with to snack on going up north.
Best of all was spending time with friends and loved ones. 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Along the path....

September is here, the kids are back at school.  The last couple of months of the year always seem to race by.  The planning for the upcoming holidays, time to spend with family.  Getting started with all the Secret Santa projects....

Before all that starts, we went for a long walk, along one of the nature trails over the long weekend.  It has been hot, humid, so instead of staying indoors, we headed out early.

Lots of wild flowers are blooming, the colours bright and beautiful.

Met this frog on the banks of the stream, he was just relaxing in the shade.  Did not hop away, like most frogs do.  He was no afraid of humans.  Saw many people walking with dogs, including one that was having fun playing in the water, with a big stick.  He kept taking it back to his loved ones, he made sure everyone got a turn to toss his stick!
 Also got a chance to sew a few more blocks for Stars in His Crown.  This will be a nickle quilt, using leftovers from the charm quilt.
 One block almost done.  Still have to add the cream fabric to create the square.
 A quarter segment, of one block.
Playing with a background, it was a white muslin.  Will try the cream as well.  The blue fabric next to it, is the fabric for the alternating blocks. 
Saw these flowers at the end of our walk.