Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Little projects, unexpected surprises!

Working on little projects, they are almost finished.  Just have to finish the binding on these ones, then they will be done.
 The Advent calendars,  from December.
The Redwork Sampler.
Christmas Garden, Diane finished stitching hers. It looks amazing, this one is now at the framer.
Started a little knitted dress, trying out knitting in the round on circular  needles.  So far it is a lot easier than I thought it would be.  One just have to scoot the knitting along the needles continuously.
This morning we went on a field trip to our favourite stitching shop, Gitta's..   Every time we go to the shop, Catherine tells us, the Tiny Modernist Designer, will be in the shop the same day.
We do not plan it this way, it just happens.  Today, we finally met Cheryl, albeit very unexpected, in the shop. She was very nice, signed a pattern for another lady in the shop and posed for a picture with some of her new designs.  It was a treat to meet her, she is a lovely person.
 A framed piece, which was displayed in the shop. She was preparing for her trip to Nashville for Market, which is where the new designs gets unveiled. (A few of her new patterns, these are a sneak peek ?).
She also designed the Drums, which followed me home from our last field trip, in 2019.   I am stitching them,  also got Part 4 today.  The designs are all fresh with a modern twist! She is also a Canadian Designer, so if you have not checked out her designs, please do so.

Monday, 10 February 2020

All in a day...

This has been a week where winter has decided to arrive and brought with it snow, snow and more snow?  Funny how much of the white fluffy stuff we can move with a shovel.  All the children want to play in it, they come past the house with their toboggan's in tow.  The joy of being a kid again.
 The baby hats are all finished.
 This little baby sweater is done and all of these baby gifts have left for their forever homes.
 Diane has been stitching a baby sampler for a little boy.  Before the back stitch was added.
 After the back stitch was done, it add so much definition to these cute animals.
 I have been in machine quilting the small projects which I pinned recently.
This is the tree with the birds.  Just needs to be trimmed and the binding added.
 Advent calendar front.
The back, kept the quilting practical and simple on these ones.
The Redwork Sampler, the borders was free motioned with a small stipple on the red. 
On the Ivory it was playtime, with pebbles and bubbles, small and large, doodling a frame to block the stitching.  Have never done this before, so it was something fun to try.
 Diane has also been working on her Christmas garden.
It is almost finished, ready to go to the framers.
The drum I am working on, got some more work on it. Winter season stitching.
Decided, might as well embrace the season.
This is what it looked like when we went to bed last night, more snow coming down...

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Berries and warmer weather?

Opened Pandora's box,  the Rubbermaid in my sewing room.
Found a collection of projects which have been prepped and will be sewn soon.
 Apron, this one got finished.
 My friend Kate reminded me, it is a quick make, if one just line the apron.
Finished and folded up, now it is off the list!
 Hot potholders and place mats. They will be made this year.
Have two of these Advent calendars, both have been pinned and layered, ready for machine quilting.
Got one of these at Quilt Canada in 2016, then another last year in Almonte, at Textile Traditions.
 They get sewn together and create a complete tree with birds.
One sew all the seams in one direction first. Vertically, it creates a piece which will look like the one below.
 Once this is done, one repeat the process, for the horizontal seams.
 The back and front of the two panels.
 Once all the seams have been sewn, this is what the completed back and front will look like.
 A tree filled with birds!  Someone had a lot of time on their hands to dream up this one. 
With the mild winter weather this past week, it felt like spring is here, then we got some more snow?

Last but not least a little bit of stitching, the snowman is almost done.