Monday, 21 September 2020

The last day of Summer.

Using up leftover fabrics in my stash. Mini Maker Case SAL . Kate sent me the link. It is for a Mini Iron to take along to class or Quilt Retreats, except it is perfect for projects on the go. A pair of socks, a stitching project in hand, some applique. For the little one's,  a toy collection or some special treasures? 
Used the zipper foot for attaching the top lid and the bottom of the case to the body. This allowed me to get really close to the body in those tight corners.
The binding was attached with the zipper foot, turned over and stitched down by hand.  The inside of the cases are super tidy and neat.
Used binding from projects which was the pieces that had no purpose and ended up in a box with a collection of more of the same.  It feels great to use it.  Time only allowed me an opportunity to work on the cases last week.  So they had to be finished or wait until some date in the future...
Part 3 of the Sugaridoo QAL is done. This is Row twelve.  Since coming back home, this was the next row which was released in sequence, so logically it needed to be done first. It is called Tetris.
Impromptu pencil case request? Luckily had a zipper long enough for this one. It had to have vegetables on it. This piece of fabric caught my eye one day, it followed me home and sat on the shelf, funny part, this is not fabric which ever come home with me.
More masks.
We had a Birthday this month, it had to have both chocolate and colourful sprinkles. Celebrate all the happy occasions. 
Some stitching on Drum number one. Busy with the tree.
Teacher's apron. For handsanitizer,  Kleenex, pen, cards, keys, Ipad/notepad.
Mr. Bones, helping the kids and demonstrating the correct way to wear a mask!
Today we have the last day of Summer, we already had two nights with frost, so most of the lettuce was harvested and given away. Perennial plants like peppers was put into pots and will be over wintering indoors. Our cat's look said it all: Where is the kitty grass? She wants some grass for her use. Peppers do not cut muster in her book!