Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The leaves are falling....

There is a nip in the air and the leaves are falling off the trees, amazing how fast this can happen.
With the cooler weather, other crafts comes to mind: Knitting.

Some people can do it and they pick up how to knit fairly quickly, while others take much longer.  With acrylic wool, for those who cannot touch wool, this is the only way.  YouTube is great for learning how to do it.  So a wonderful new journey, with learning a new craft, is just a click away with a mouse.
Knitting is coming along, with the help of my friend Kate, this is the result, a blanket in the making.
The pattern required a few things , so practice makes perfect, busy with number four.
Another few Beanies got finished, found some more colours...
Dress making, one of my practice pieces.

Step 1: Joining the two halves, if you made the top in two parts.
Step 2:
Step 3.  Sewing on the side border strips.
 This is the skinny border (border no one).
Join the side border strips first.
Step 4. Next sew on the top and bottom skinny border.
Step 5.  Sew on the second border strips, doing the sides first and then the top and bottom strips.
Step 6. Sew on the final border strips.
This is what the border strips sewn on to the center should look like.
Now the top is ready for quilting and binding.

Monday, 16 October 2017

A wedding project.....

Helping make someone feel extra special on their wedding day, it is a priviledge to do so.
This is the fabric and pattern.  Working on a sun dress at the moment, to practice my  dress making skills again.
Knitting is another skill I am learning, knitted a row of holes, then I discovered I missed one step, so my row looked right, but it was missing one step, all the knit stitches between each hole.  So I had to start over.
Step 1. Trimming off the sides.
Step 2. Cut fabric strips, in the sizes according to the pattern, to create the new strips to make the rows.
Step 3. Create row number one.
 Joining the pieces together to create the new row.
Step 4. Make row number two.
Step 5.  Take the first two rows to the ironing board, iron the strips in opposite directions.  This is done to make them easier to sew together and for the seams to lock.
Step 6.  Sew the first two rows together.
Step 7. Iron open towards row number two.
Step 8. Sew one of the side borders to row number one, it helps to stabilize row number one.
 This is what the back should look like.
The finished set.  Now continue to create rows three to thirty five, until the top is done.  Ironing towards the next right, until completed.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Turn around...

The trees are changing colour and here in Canada,  Thanksgiving is almost here.
 365 Challenge got a few more blocks, found a few I had made, which was picked up and ended up with another project.

Anna and Linda,  at The Sewing Cafe, are inspiring a new group of quilters, who are making their first quilts.
 A lot of florals, which was a surprise.  The blocks all laid out, ready for assembly.
 The pattern they are using. 
 A Sunny and Happy Name for a Pattern.

Step 1. Find the center, pin number one to number twenty.
Step 2. Pin the layers together, from the middle to the outside.
Step 3. Stitch together, using a quarter inch foot.
Step 4. Heat set the seam, iron to one side, then turn inside out. Then Iron the seam again.

Christmas Beanies.
More slouchy hats, this is the one with the leftover bits.  It has a pompom on the top.  The cat just wanted to take off with this ball of fun.           
 Found two more colours of yarn, both will become beanies.
 The yarn has something sparkly in it, so it will definitely not be a guys hat.
Have a wonderful long weekend!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Boy, oh boy! Has it been hot.....

 The first week of Autumn/Fall arrived with a blast, of heat.  It has been very hot, making up for the below seasonal summer.  My tomato plants decided, to produce more fruit, the parsley plant seem to have grown inches overnight.  Even the plants think they have the wrong growing season.  With all of this happening, we did our walk/run for our local hospital to raise money to buy more digital imaging equipment, which it needs.
The heat was not going to stop us.
 As part of Christmas gifts, I was asked to make more Beanies. They are made with a loom and use thick acrylic wool.
Decided to use up leftovers from a few hats, from last year.
LE, a few more stitches was added to the hearts.
 The Bargello Class:
This week it is all about sewing the strips, together, from the bottom to the top.
Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.
Step 4.
Step 5.
 Step 6.
Step 7.
Step 8.
 Step 9.
 Step 10. This is the end result.