Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas is twenty days away.

Amazing how one want to get everything ready and done.  That give us time to relax and not worry about anything.  Good intentions to get it prepared and life always make us jump a couple of extra hoops, just for fun.
 Slippery blue fabric, which is keeping me on my toes.
 This fabric was suppose to be white, it arrived and it was not. 
More beanie hats, as you can see I made many more than what I needed to.
The yarn made me do it.
A future project...

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tick, Tock....the clock is ticking, Christmas is coming.

 Originally it was going to be a quiet one, then life happened and plans changed.
Gifts are all finished.  Now it is time to make a dress, for a very special occasion.  Over the years we collect fabrics, not knowing when we will use them, then all of a sudden that time has arrived.  So hours spent cutting out all the pieces of fabric, then transferring all the notches.  Reading the pattern and following the instructions.  Fingers crossed, all work out well.
 A quick trip on the weekend, to pick up some special bits and pieces. Extra bits, which followed us home.
 Anne of Green Gables, the green fabric is actually a lot brighter, than what the photo shows.
Tools for applique.
Happy Thanksgiving to Madeline and her amazing family.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

November, already?

It is amazing how fast this year has gone.  November is here already.  The colder weather has arrived.  We have turned to indoor activities.  Women as a rule have no problem keeping busy, but what about the men? Our youngest, made this from scratch.  Where are the veggies?
On Mom's, the answer came swiftly. Home made tomato and red pepper sauce, with spinach and olives.
 In our house, everyone enjoy spending time in the kitchen, so no complaints, when anybody want to play.  There is only one rule: if you make a mess, you have to clean it up.
 My hubby enjoy fishing, when time allows.  In the winter, he spends some time, creating flies for fishing. His collection of threads are varied and interesting.
A little red squirrel is stashing some food for the winter...(these are golfball size, how the squirrel is getting it  up to this spot? Seeing it run up the tree, it makes me wonder just how?
The baby blanket is finished, it is made with self stripe yarn, which creates the patterns.
Beanie hats all finished, a few more to go.
Quilting on quilts.  This quilt was at Quilt Canada 2017 in the summer, the quilting added interest to this star quilt. It remind me of Sue Garman's Omigosh pattern.
Fabric for another bargello. This is a fat quarter bundle from Connecting Threads, which a friend is making. 
The stream,  with ice along the edge.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Seasons are changing.

The weather has been steadily going one way, down south.  The temperature is going down and the trees have lost all of their leaves.  A sure sign winter is coming, sooner than we want.  We all cook the foods that remind us of comfort.  Baking smells fill the house, as we stay warm inside.
Bargello that Sylvie made last year, she wanted hers to be Queen size. The larger borders, did the trick.  It is now ready for quilting.
Another one made by Diane this year.
This one for her Maid of Honor, as a Thank You gift. 
 The quilt from the back, Rosie quilted , these two beauties.
The local Rughooking Guild are having a display at the library.
This one was a cat, with a twist.
Bee's and Love.
Some are to large to get a full picture.
This one is for someone special.....

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Going to Quilt Retreat is always fun.  The weather will give us all the crazy it can think of, yet we go.  The time we get to spend together and sew, sew and then some more sewing, without any interruptions, priceless.
Kate, has been creating bags, she Quilts as well and creates many works of art.  They have a challenge to them, she will play a bit, then figure out the solution.  
 Tablet covers, the one above have pink velcro and the one below  blue velcro, neat.
We all want one of her creations. She inspired me to try knitting again.  Needless to say, she has got me to do it and to get it right.
Some projects only come to Retreat, it may take a while to finish them, over time they are done.  Lynn has been bringing this project for a few years, this time she finished it, it looks awesome.
Anita has been working on this beauty and a baby quilt.
Stitching at Retreat, a work of art in the making.
Abi is steadily whittling away at this one, working on a dark background is not so easy. It is looking amazing.
Lise was assembling this French General, pieced and embroidered top.
Margaret adding the border fabric to her hexie quilt.
Diane making a quilt for her friend, what a lucky lady.
Joanne's Omigosh getting some more love, every scrap is used.
 Judy made these two tops.
This floral fabric was very striking.
Fabric bowls, with Judy's help a number of these, were made.
I did finish one Christmas present, so it will not be appearing on the blog. The gremlin sneaked in, a number of photos has found a spot somewhere on the computer, not where they were sent to, so apologies to the ladies who I am not showing all your amazing projects, it is missing in action.
Fabrics which followed me home, they are all part of projects which is on going.
 Joanne worked on this Jen Kingwell pattern.

An Irish Chain in the making.
 Taking a moment outside,  it was a beautiful day on saturday.
A Wedding was scheduled for later in the day...