Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Wedding Quilt.

The tree we planted last year, is covered in blooms.  It is a sugar plum.  The birds are loving it and so is our cat, she sits at the base and talks to the birds.

2018 Stitch a long:
Diane has been very busy, stitching.
Finding the way:

Placing all the pieces on the bed.
The large triangle borders.
The corners. Placed the center square in the inside of the large triangle borders, then I noticed the gap.  There should not be such a large gap.  Followed the pattern to a T. Something was amiss.
Measured the center, double checked that the frame was stitched on the right way. The measurements from the center measured exactly what the book said.  The width of the frame fabric was not right. (Printing error?...).
As this can be fixed, it became a design opportunity!
It required a bit of playing and testing against the large border triangles.
Eureka! it worked.
The finished quilt top.  It can now be quilted. So very glad it all worked out well.

                                                                   Happy Mother's Day 

PS: The wonder of Google, my son cooked me breakfast, afterwards he turned on the computer, came and gave me a big hug and said Happy Mother's Day.  He told me he saw it on the home page, thanks to Google!

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Monday, 7 May 2018

Baby projects.

Friday afternoon we had a storm, it had rain and hail, with wind and more rain.  The next minute we saw our barbecue doing ballet on the patio.  Normally it takes two adults to move it.  So out we went and moved it to next to the house, where it should be safer.  More stuff got blown about, went to tidy that too.  Came back inside and decided a cup of tea would be a good idea.  Looking out the kitchen window, that was when the wind changed from a howl to a roar, which just got more intense. This ripped our fence out of the wall next to the house, making it fly in the wind like a sheet, blowing in the breeze. Then the wind did a twirl and ripped out the other side of our fence.  It was like watching a movie on tv.  The tiles started to fly off the roofs, all the way up the road. The power went out during the storm.  This little daffodil survived it all.  Some things was untouched, while others were gone!
Finished knitting this baby hat, you can find the pattern here.
It has a super cute rolled cuff.
 Baby quilt, the binding needs to be finished.
 The back of the quilt.
The new Mom wanted soft blues and a touch of green.  The Grannies both love cats, so this panel came in real handy, as it helped to create a one of a kind baby quilt.
The way a lot of panels are printed, one have to square up the blocks so to speak.  Then one have to get creative with sashing's fabrics in between the blocks. 
Following the grain lines for this, is very important. 
Next was this Retreat bag, used a novelty button for the zipper tab.
The whole bag closed.
The inside of the bag with a zipper pocket and puppy fabric. This was for a special lady who look after us every time we go to Quilt Retreat. It is important to appreciate the special people in our lives.
Life is short, as nature reminds us, more often than not.  Spent the morning speaking to the insurance companies, with the widespread damage, we all have to take a number and await our turn.  Decided to do so with some chocolate!

Monday, 30 April 2018

We are never too old to learn something new.

 Last week I had a chance to learn about longarm quilting and what these machines can do.  The Sewing Cafe hosted  Amy Van Gurp she was our teacher. It was fun to learn something new and creative.

She quilted this antique, hand pieced quilt top. Adding her own spin on it, the end result is a quilt with a new life.
Place mats, no piecing required, it was all done on the longarm. The best part, the binding was attached with this as well.
The back of the place mat.
 An Art Quilt, using funky yarns.
Feathers, with a touch of modern.
 Amy with a few of the ladies.

This was not the expected response, to such a simple action. Always be prepared to be surprised in life, you never knows, what will happen.

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Thursday, 26 April 2018


What a wonderful sight after all that ice, snow and rain.  It is almost completely gone.  The sun is shining and we could go for a walk with no jackets on.  A good day in my book.
T-Shirt quilt.  These are very popular, especially for those who are going to study at College or University.  Mom's are clearing out cupboards to make sure these get a second life.  They will be bringing back and making more memories.
Finished some more border triangles.  A few more to go.
Then the borders can be sewn on.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Baby steps.

Old man winter just do not want to leave.  We have had some crazy weather: Freezing rain, ice pellets wind, snow and rain.  Spring will hopefully win this battle and soon. We have all had enough of this stuff.  Then my shoulder froze, so my best friend became the hot water bottle and some rest.  Everything else came to a grinding halt.
Finding the Way:
 The next corner is done. This is it,  with the triangles closed, from the back.
 This is what it looks like, open.
 All four corner units sewn onto the center medallion. The brown border fabric did not look right, so out came the unpicker again, this quilt has made me make special friends with this tool. Have never used it so much on any one project.
The corners only work with the miter.
Placed it on the double bed to get an idea of what it will look like.  Trimming the triangle squares, definitely makes sewing all the larger triangles a lot easier.

 Baby Blanket.
 Self striping yarn, makes for very interesting blankets.
2018 Stitch-a-long:
 Diane finished April's band. 
Medieval, with wrought iron work?
 2017 Stitch-a-long:
Beautiful stitching, she is doing two in two colour ways at the same time.
Thank you to our amazing neighbour who helped to clear this mess with his snowblower!

Monday, 9 April 2018

An eight of an inch!

Who knew, an eight of an inch could make the difference to a diamond to fit inside all those triangle squares.  When the strips were cut originally, the measurement was not one I was familiar with, so I cut the strips just a fraction wider.  Lesson number one, stick to the exact measurement.
The four corner pieces which will create the square in a square.
All the triangle squares were trimmed before sewing them together. This is crucial to keeping everything on track.
At this point, everything was fine.  I forgot to trim the green strips of fabric by an eight of an inch all round. This caused a number of headaches, preventing these larger triangles from fitting around the center square.
It had bubbles and was not lying flat.  So out came the unpicker and the book, the ruler and then it was a case of going back to the green border and trimming it by that eight of an inch on each side.
The end result, a square in a square which lies flat.
Miters can cause problems, in this case it was getting the measurement right. Nothing more frustrating than trying to quilt a quilt with a bubble in it, down the line. Moral of this story, do it right first time round.