Monday, 12 March 2018

Tug of war, where is Spring?

We are ready for Spring, except Old Man Winter just do not want to go away just yet. It has been snowing all day, glad it is melting on contact, so no shoveling to do, yet.

The Hertfordshire Quilt
One border is done, three more to go.

Finding the Way: Foundation Piecing.
 The diamond border around the center, created a foundation pattern for piecing this round.
Sewing through the paper and then trimming all the fabric to the correct size.( Once this is done, the paper is removed and the rectangles sewn together).
 Two sides sewn on to the center diamond.
 All the excess fabric trimmed up to this point. Ready to add the last two corner pieces.
 The stitch length on the machine is set quite tight, this helps to remove the paper easy.
 From the front before trimming the excess fabric.
 Lining up the ruler before trimming.
 Once the fabric is trimmed on the border
 The front will look like this.
 Next step is to trim the excess fabric away, underneath the corner triangle.
To do this, make sure to fold the cream fabric and the paper out of the way, then trim. 
 This removes the bulk of the fabric. Creating a neat and tidy block.
This is what it will look like.
 A finished block.
 Removing the paper, just fold back to the stitched seam, then  peel the paper of.
 Starting on the outside and working towards the center.
 The back and the front, with all the paper removed, ready to be used.

Linen and Threads 2018 stitch-a-long.
 Diane is working on this one, it is looking amazing!
She recommended a different needle for stitching, a tapestry needle, it worked.
This is my progress so far.

Finding the Way: The Center.
The center square of the quilt, it has a mitered borders.  This piece of brown fabric is very apt, it takes a village...
All the diamonds are made, next step sewing them into border strips and adding them to the center medallion above.
Diamond strip borders all sewn.
Border strips ready for the next step.
Borders with corner blocks attached to the center medallion. This is the center for the wedding quilt.
Get better soon, Lynn!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Quilts in progress.

On monday this is what the stream looked like, the water is moving and the ice is melting.  It was sunny, but chilly outside.  Then the weather report came along, white fluffy stuff is coming again. It is time for the next round of snow, tiny little flakes are falling at the moment.
Finding the Way
The triangle squares, drawing the lines from corner to corner.
Then creating the pairs.  Placing one cream square on top of a coloured square.
Sewing a quarter of an inch on either side of the line and cutting on this drawn line, once the sewing is done.  This then creates two squares, made up out of two triangles each.  This is a good way to sew, without having to worry about the bias edges of the triangles.
 Trimming the squares, making sure they are all the same size.
The rest of the squares awaiting their turn for trimming.

The Hertfordshire Quilt
The diamond border is next.  English Paper Piecing this border.
Using Clover clips, to keep everything together, no need to pin.

Baby blanket

Quite a number of friends will become grandparents this year, so the wool will be knitted into baby blankets.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

A new month is here!

 Lots of sunshine and record high temperatures, we enjoyed every moment of it.  Old Man Winter has decided to make another visit, we are expecting snow and a winter storm.  Soon-soon the snow shovels will be replaced with gardening.  Just the thought of that,  has put a smile on all of us.
We walked pass this tree on our daily walk, this was the stash of squirrel food before the winter, looking at the same fork in the tree, all the food stashed for the long cold winter was almost all gone.
The Hertfortshire quilt got some more additions, some of the past fabric lines from Brenda Riddle. These are some of the fabric for some of her older lines of fabrics. Her fabric lines are easy to add too a new project with her latest line of fabric, using any of the lines she designed before. This makes choosing any extra additions to a project a breeze.  So we can enjoy creating a quilt and have no worries about running out of fabric, it also adds a lot of interest and dept to a quilt.

Foundation piecing the Mariner Compass Blocks.  Found a pattern almost identical to the pieced one in the book.  Decided to make these blocks this way, as I have a very short time to make this quilt.
Even with the time being limited, I did cut out almost an identical second one, which I will do the way the book has it printed, pieced by hand.
Making sure at the end the mariner's compass will fit on my background, which is cut as a square and the finished circle is then appliqued on to.
Segments of paper pieced pieces awaiting sewing.
The finished block, it will still need to be squared to the correct size for sewing into the quilt.
Finding the Way, aka the wedding quilt got some more love. All the Mariners Compass blocks are done. Next up, some diamonds and lots of triangle square blocks.  This pattern is in the book below!
The draw was done the old fashioned way, a glass jar, with a number for each comment in order.  Comment one, was assigned number one and comment number two, the number two.  The jar was given a good shake and then without looking, I pulled out a number.  Did this in the kitchen, so I had no idea who won, until I checked the number on the computer. Congratulations!

1st of March, as promised the winner of the giveaway: Glenda!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

It is time to Celebrate!

Three years ago, this blog was born.  It is named after a little bird, a Chickadee!  They are happy and very friendly.  If you put sunflower seeds on your hand, it will not take them long to discover you, food and making sure the food telegraph is sent out to all their friends and neighbours. They share without holding back.  So with this in mind, I want to pay it forward with my favourite book company for inspiration:  QUILTmania!
I will be giving away a copy of Creating Heirlooms, One Stitch at a Time by Carolyn Konig. Please leave a comment about your favourite pattern of all time and why it has such a high honor on your best dressed list, no pun intended.
We cannot make all the patterns in every book out there.  Some are just for eye-candy, others for inspiration.  The others one open and escape into a world of make believe.  The one's you drool over the beauty of the artwork and the amazing creative works, sigh.  Then one wish one could do all of the above, alas, we would need more than one lifetime.  Those are the ones becoming coffee table books, to be opened and read with some good chocolate, they allow us to indulge in the serendipities of life.
Finding the Way, is one of the patterns in the book.  Here is the progress so far.  Changed the center, as I only had the one pink fabric and the pattern called for two pinks.  This is a wedding gift for my brother who is getting married over the summer.
 The cream fabric all prepared for sewing.
A rainbow of coloured squares.  They will all become triangle squares, when all is said and done.
Swe-Swe Fabric from South Africa.

PS: The winner will be drawn on the 1st of March 2018!