Monday, 18 June 2018

Finding the Way.

The wedding quilt is finally done.  It took almost six months to complete.  It was hand quilted, on my lap. Here finally is the end result.
It is Queen size, made with traditional South African Shwe-shwe fabric.  The more the fabric is washed the softer it becomes.  It is incredibly durable, which means it will last a long time.
 The quilt from the back,  this is the center.
One of the corners, all the mariners compass blocks, received an extra round layer of batting to give  them a 3-D effect.
Pink centers was used for the four corner mariner compass blocks, this is for the four daughters.  Each have been married before, and have two daughters each.  Including them, as each and everyone of them are special in their own way.
 The large center.
 The back of the quilt.
The Label, this saying came from another quilt.  Would love to give credit to the writer, but this was one poem that was passed on from quilter to quilter .....

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Creative inspiration.

My Peonies are just a pleasure this year.  They are all full of flowers, the sun is shining and we have blue skies.

Love Entwined:
 All the French knots on the hearts are done.
Started them last year, then packed away my LE to work on projects which needed to be finished.
The center is now done.
Finding the Way:
 The binding is on, the quilting is almost done.
 The batting for this one is polyester, as it has to be shipped and the weight had to be kept as light as can be.
 The down side to working with this batting, it makes my skin itch. Once it is enclosed between the fabric layers, this is no longer an issue.   So as soon as the quilt was quilted enough, the binding was sewn on.  It is been quilted on my lap, so no hoops involved.  It is also more portable, which has allowed me to move it to were the coolest spot is in the house.
The quilting is not done yet, another week of quilting and then it will be done.  It is a queen size quilt.
This bowl was made from the base of an apricot tree. This won a few awards.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Pressing the reset button.

Sometimes in life, we have to hit the reset button.  Lately things have gone beep in the night.  Since the recent windstorm, to be precise.  So come saturday past, we decided to go and do something completely different.  The Highland Games was being held at the local Fair grounds, so off we went.

 It was great fun watching the bands compete, as we saw them practice beforehand to make sure they were all pitch perfect.
 This was serious business, they had four judges, all from different clans. The clipboards were out and they were writing as fast as they could.  Not just a simple one liner... 
 The drummers all had a few tricks up their sleeves
 Now, it could not be a Highland Games, without the men showing off their muscle.
This one was interesting, it looked like a hessian bag filled with hay.  Hockey sticks was used in a game to toss it over this goal post.
Did not get a picture of the dancing, clear forgot to take one.  They were all very good, so being a Judge on the day for, must have been a difficult task.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Summer is here!

It has finally arrived.  It was 40C with the humidex yesterday.  We are not complaining, especially after the long and very cold winter.  What makes this even more precious? Little one's arriving.
Celebrating their arrivals are part of those special moments in life.
 Creating a piece of art for a nursery.  A friend has made this special stitchery for a new baby.
Love the little mouse.
It is a hot air balloon, with bows,  fluffy clouds and birds chirping away.
Just love the saying on the bunting: Hello World!

PS : The Wedding Quilt is keeping me very busy, quilting it.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Fishing? Good weather is here.

When hubby decided to take a fishing rod on the plane.  Now one can buy fishing rods, which separate into two or more pieces.  It created a beast.  How to take it with, without it breaking? A round tube with a lid. Then a cover, with a zipper and a handle on the side.  One can buy them.  He has a few for his fishing rods.  So when we stopped at the shop and they did not have stock, he was leaving the next day.  Can you make me a cover?  So the next question was for what? He shows me a piece of pvc plumbing pipe with caps on both ends. So the answer is yes, I could try.  This was the result, maybe a good Father's Day gift for a fly fisherman?

How to make one:

1. Measure the length of the tube and the circumference of the pipe/circle.
2. One need a zipper, thread and wash away tape. Two layers of fabric, one for the outside and one
    for the lining on the inside of the tube. Two squares of scrap batting for the top and the bottom of
    the tube. Make two quilted circles, this will be the top and the bottom caps of the tube.    

3. Fabric for a label, would recommend making it and stitching it on, before creating the round tube,
    much easier to sew on.
The rectangles are much longer than what was needed. Cut two four inch strips off the top of each rectangle.

Next use these pieces and sew the zipper to these pieces of fabric.  Then do the same to the longer rectangles. Instead of pins use the wash away tape to keep the zipper and fabric in place while inserting the zipper. This replace the use of pins and keep the zipper in place. 
This creates a rectangle with a zipper about three inches from the top.
Attach the label first, then sew the handle over the label. Do all of this for both the label and handle, before sewing the long side of the rectangle together
 Next make a handle and sew on about three quarters of the way towards the top where the zipper is.
Leave a gap for where the handle part is and sew down the remainder of the handle.
Next join the long sides of the rectangles, right sides facing. Stitch this seam only.
Then pull it over the plastic tube, do not turn it inside out yet.  Mark two inches above the zipper and trim excess fabric. now attach the cap by hand with a tacking stitch. Remove the tube and sew the cover on the sewing machine.
Now open the zipper, pull the fabric sleeve/tube over the pvc pipe.  Make sure it fit from top to bottom'  make a mark on this line on the fabric.  Add a half an inch, trim the rest of the fabric off the bottom. Tack and sew the bottom circle to the base of the tube.  The same as the top, then turn inside out and pop the pvc tube inside.  Now close the zipper.

A Father's Day gift made with all the love and patience in the world.

The label was sewn on the outside, with his name and a contact number which is under the handle of tube.  So if it got lost at the airport, the staff could contact him.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Wedding Quilt.

The tree we planted last year, is covered in blooms.  It is a sugar plum.  The birds are loving it and so is our cat, she sits at the base and talks to the birds.

2018 Stitch a long:
Diane has been very busy, stitching.
Finding the way:

Placing all the pieces on the bed.
The large triangle borders.
The corners. Placed the center square in the inside of the large triangle borders, then I noticed the gap.  There should not be such a large gap.  Followed the pattern to a T. Something was amiss.
Measured the center, double checked that the frame was stitched on the right way. The measurements from the center measured exactly what the book said.  The width of the frame fabric was not right. (Printing error?...).
As this can be fixed, it became a design opportunity!
It required a bit of playing and testing against the large border triangles.
Eureka! it worked.
The finished quilt top.  It can now be quilted. So very glad it all worked out well.

                                                                   Happy Mother's Day 

PS: The wonder of Google, my son cooked me breakfast, afterwards he turned on the computer, came and gave me a big hug and said Happy Mother's Day.  He told me he saw it on the home page, thanks to Google!

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