Monday, 16 April 2018

Baby steps.

Old man winter just do not want to leave.  We have had some crazy weather: Freezing rain, ice pellets wind, snow and rain.  Spring will hopefully win this battle and soon. We have all had enough of this stuff.  Then my shoulder froze, so my best friend became the hot water bottle and some rest.  Everything else came to a grinding halt.
Finding the Way:
 The next corner is done. This is it,  with the triangles closed, from the back.
 This is what it looks like, open.
 All four corner units sewn onto the center medallion. The brown border fabric did not look right, so out came the unpicker again, this quilt has made me make special friends with this tool. Have never used it so much on any one project.
The corners only work with the miter.
Placed it on the double bed to get an idea of what it will look like.  Trimming the triangle squares, definitely makes sewing all the larger triangles a lot easier.

 Baby Blanket.
 Self striping yarn, makes for very interesting blankets.
2018 Stitch-a-long:
 Diane finished April's band. 
Medieval, with wrought iron work?
 2017 Stitch-a-long:
Beautiful stitching, she is doing two in two colour ways at the same time.
Thank you to our amazing neighbour who helped to clear this mess with his snowblower!

Monday, 9 April 2018

An eight of an inch!

Who knew, an eight of an inch could make the difference to a diamond to fit inside all those triangle squares.  When the strips were cut originally, the measurement was not one I was familiar with, so I cut the strips just a fraction wider.  Lesson number one, stick to the exact measurement.
The four corner pieces which will create the square in a square.
All the triangle squares were trimmed before sewing them together. This is crucial to keeping everything on track.
At this point, everything was fine.  I forgot to trim the green strips of fabric by an eight of an inch all round. This caused a number of headaches, preventing these larger triangles from fitting around the center square.
It had bubbles and was not lying flat.  So out came the unpicker and the book, the ruler and then it was a case of going back to the green border and trimming it by that eight of an inch on each side.
The end result, a square in a square which lies flat.
Miters can cause problems, in this case it was getting the measurement right. Nothing more frustrating than trying to quilt a quilt with a bubble in it, down the line. Moral of this story, do it right first time round.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Spring rains and snow?

Funny how the weather in Spring is a mixture of the good things that will follow.  We need the rain and in April we will see snow, which is quite normal. The tulips are up and so are a number of other bulbs which was planted last year.
The Hertfordshire:
Auditioning the strips and squares, next to the completed square.
All assembled and sewn together.
Next will be a border in this black fabric.
This charm pack will be used for the little squares that make up the next border or round robin of this quilt.

Finding the Way:
Played with the triangle squares, which will create a square in a square.

2018 Stitch-a-long:
Diane finished March, with the dragons and sun. She is also stitching the 2017 Stitch-a-long!

Baby Blankie:
Knitting after two balls of yarn.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


It is early this year.... With it comes a busy time for all.  The farmers have baby animals arriving and a few friends will be welcoming babies to the families.  Nora made a growth chart for a little boy.
 She decided to quilt it with a running stitch and add some fun beads and sparkly bits.
It came out beautiful.
The Hertfordshire Quilt:
The corner blocks.
Two of the diamond strips, sewn to the center block.
The third side is done, one more to go. Also made the four corner blocks, ready for when the fourth side is made.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Spring is officially here.
Baby blankets:
This is what happens when night time arrives, while watching television.
The Hertfordshire Quilt:
Finished the another side panel for this round.

Finding the Way Quilt:
 Lots of trimming of squares....
 Many more to go....
A collection of the squares were cut from these Swe-Swe fabrics.

365 Challenge from 2016:
 Corner Blocks.
 They needed to be sewn, before the rest of the blocks.
Lots of pieces and directions, including very mirror images.
 All of the blocks together.
Is it warm enough yet? Our cat has serious cabin fever.  The birds have returned and if one mention the word chippie, aka for chipmunk, then she is bashing her head against the glass in the door!
Good thing Spring is here, the little red squirrel is down to his last nut...
To Grandma Kate and Finn, get better soon.