Tuesday, 11 June 2019

New starts and dreamcatcher's.

 My niece is having a baby girl. The fabric arrived for the quilt. 
 It has dreamcatcher's on the fabric.
 It arrived sooner than expected. 
 The instructions said to wash it before using it, which I did.  It did not run and it has a lovely feel to the cotton fabric.The grey is the backing and the diamond print, the binding.
Finished the tiny baby sweater.  It was just a fun project to see, if I could use up all the leftover yarn.
It is here with the toddler and baby sweater.
It is not very big.
Next  to the baby hat, it was made with size 11 needles.
Love Entwined got some more leaves.  Prepped a few more blocks, ready for stitching.
All the corner blocks are now ready for, applique.

Diane's Jane Bannister 1855 is growing.
One strand of floss over two threads.
It is amazing to see it grow.
Cats and their treasures....

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Chasing our tails...

Life can keep us all busy, taking the cat to the vet.  Cutting the grass, cleaning the house, shopping for groceries.  Once in a while, we get a chance to celebrate milestones, with friends and families.  This past weekend, we got to do that with Diane.

 Diane has been stitching Jane Bannister, 1855.
This sampler is even more beautiful, in person.
This is the outside for the bag.  It is a detachable piece.  The wings on this fairy was suppose to be a creamy colour, called parchment (1184).  Except in the list of colours a gremlin crept in and changed it to: 1148?  with the words parchment next too it. Pulled the colours a while back, only got to it this weekend past to embroider.  On the tan fabric, the plum colour looks much better, than the cream would have looked.  Design opportunity?
Parts of the bag prepped, quilted.
 Had one ball of this yarn, which was used to create the 5 hour baby sweater and hat with. 
My friend Kate, gifted me another of the same.  The leftover of the first ball was put into action for the 7 hour toddler sweater.  Then the second ball was added to the mix, to complete the sweater.  By this stage, I did not think there would be any leftovers?  It turned out there was, so another 5 hour baby sweater was started, using size 11 knitting needles.  It is going to be a tiny sweater. 
Kate also gave me these balls of yarn and the pink one, with the baby sweaters above.  Two friends, one who is new to knitting wants to try and make a 5 hour baby sweater, the other can knit and want to do the same.  So this week we will be showing them how to do it. 
Anita, is busy with her grandbabies, like all new GrandMa's, she had good intentions to smock dresses for her grandaughters.  Time spent with them is so much more important, she passed on these smocking patterns, book, notions and a dress she started.  With so much time spent the last couple of years fixing our house, not much time was spent smocking. It is time I got some of the dresses sewn up and finished.  Thank you for sending these gifts (yarn and fabric) my way.  All of it will be used to create and none will be ending up in a landfill.
We want to make sure future generations, can enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

                                                            Happy Birthday, Diane!

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Spending time with friends.

This past weekend was spend with quilting friends. On these trips, we reconnect, go for lunch and visit a few quilt shops as well. 
The fabric just seems to follow us home?

The yarn, all non wool.  Future projects?
Kate gave me some of her amazing fabric.  Woman power!
 Doreen is busy with these blocks.
 She is doing two quilts, all raw edge applique.
We try to do a group project.  This time it was a coin purse, from Emmaline bags.  It is small enough, to finish in the time we had to do it.
 This is the first attempt.
Sewing the Perle cotton on, was quite tricky.
Found the perfect buttons for this baby sweater.  It is now finished and will be gifted to a new arrival.
This was the train project.  Stitch markers is a must.  
This piece, turns into a tree with the birds sitting on the branches. An interesting piece to piece together. 

 Kelly's shop. We had to stop here, as she had to see the baby quilt we made with her fabrics.
  More marine life and under the sea fabric.
 Her shop is a combination of a quilt and a wool shop.
 In small town's, this is often the case.

 Spotted this modern quilt, hanging on the wall.
A  furry friend, gave me a welcome home.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Works in progress...

It has been nice to have a long weekend, with the whole family together.  We got some sunny days and had a bunny in the garden.  An Oriole came and landed in our maple tree, which all of us saw.
 The Acacia tree is stitched.
Just have to work out, how to finish it.  It will be a Father's day gift.
Machine embroidered the big coin purse sides.
We will be making them this coming weekend.
It will be a first for me, working with the hardware.
Love Entwined, will be worked on next.  Some of the pieces which have been prepped. They will be applique, with lots of stems that need to be sewn in place first.
Last but not least, this baby hat and jersey got finished.  The leftover yarn from one ball of wool.  It still needs buttons.