Sunday, 24 October 2021

Tidying up...

Baby hat is finished and is on its way to a new baby girl soon. A few projects is keeping us busy.
Pepper plants have been trimmed and potted, with string attached to the winter water system, aka plastic water bottles. Trying something new this year, overwintering the plants outdoors in a do it yourself greenhouse. 
It involved some sewing and a patio table....
The strip sets joined in a tube for the Christmas quilt. 
Pieces ready for creating the puzzle.
These pieces needs to be joined together. 
Charm rows sewn the last while. These one's are now in the finished pile and two more rows have been pulled to be worked on.
The charm swoop started in 2007, this is a slow project. Sometimes we need a different pace of life, this project is one of them. 


  1. Pretty blues and greens, wonder what you are making?

  2. Your sophisticated watering system has me intrigued. =) Those pepper plants are indeed thriving. Love all those blues and greens together; so, so pretty. Love the pretty coloured stripes on the baby hat. Such a sweet little hat.

  3. good luck on your plants - I would have thought it too cold for them to survive but very good luck to you. Love the quilting projects

  4. The greens and blues are really nice!

  5. Wow, you've done so many things, you're so hardworking. I'm looking forward to the Christmas quilt. The blue stripes look so great. Kind regards from Heidelberg (Germany)
    Annette :)