Friday, 1 October 2021

A new start.

Love the way these flowers just burst forward and gets covered in the orange flowers.  Just next to it we planted one with pink flowers.
They bloom best in late summer and fall. When everything else is winding down, they produce a show of colour.
The two selections so far.
A new start for a Christmas quilt, will play with the fabrics.  Need twenty fabrics and they have to be half meter pieces each.
Still surprised by the red sunflowers. 
Filling the boxes with some Apple wood.
Some organic matter. Next will be leaves from the Maple tree. These we will use the lawn mower to chop smaller. Then it will be soil, peat and compost. The wood is used to add bulk, so less soil is needed. It will breakdown in time. Waiting for the next RSC21 colour for October to be announced. 


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