Friday, 15 October 2021

A busy week...

Once Thanksgiving is over, we know the window of opportunity and time to get everything ready for winter needs to get done. The top third was added on Wednesday,  a mixture of manure, top soil and peat. Some fairy dust in the form of earth worms was added lastly on top. They have now entered the soil and will be spending the non growing season preparing the soil for spring, while the weather is cold and the garden gets its winter break from the growing season. Monday was a day of getting the three new veggie garden beds filled to the two third mark with a mixture of peat and black soil. 
Before that it was filled with leaves and cardboard.Even before that layer, it was filled with twigs and bits of wood for filler in the bottom of the box.
The liners was sewn and tack to the boxes before this step. So sewing was involved as well.
Some stems have been added to the red and white fourth vase. A bit more to do for this one.
The first three sets of pairs have been sewn into strip sets.
A new start, a baby hat for a friend's niece who is having a baby girl soon. The pattern is from Kate, the twisted baby cuff hat at, arts and socks. blogspot.
So not a lot of sewing, but we tidy up outside and winterize as much as we possibly can.  The peppers are back in pots, for winter. Their boxes we will make higher as well, so the soil have been removed this past week and they will be remade the same as the other three ones we made recently.  
So a busy week, with the rain expected this weekend moving dry soil was an easy decision. The raised posts will allow us to make covers to protect the plants against frost, as we will use them to add the covers onto.Growing a veggie garden using raised beds for us has been very rewarding, digging in the soil and just relaxing. Have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Wow, you have done a lot of work in your raised veggie beds! All prepared for the long winter rest, so that when spring/summer comes along you will be all ready to plant. I always love seeing the progress of your amazing red and white quilt. The baby hat is going to be darling. Love the twisted cable at the bottom. Love those colours in the wool; so pretty.

  2. I do not have the gardening bug, but I envy your beautiful raised beds. You've put in a lot of work to prepare them for next year. I adore the yarn that you are using for that baby hat. Your applique is coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing what those pretty what those pretty strip sets become.