Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A New Year.


It is the start of the new year, with cold and crisp weather.  This is also the start of many finishes this year.  We tend to start a whole lot of projects and then they take time.  Some get finished and others drag on, we either lose the excitement of working on the latter ones or time is just not available.  So this year, the commitment will be to see how many can be finished.

First up will be a wedding quilt for my nephew and his new wife.  It just needs to be quilted and the binding and label sewn on.

Next it will be 365 from 2016, have a number of blocks to make still.

The Splendid Sampler blocks from 2016 will be sewn into a quilt top.

A few tops are basted and needs quilting, so they made the list of to do's.

Towards the end of last year, The Hertfordshire Quilt was started, so it will get some work every week.

Also on the list will be all the other WIP's in my sewing room.  They will get the love and attention, when life allow time for them.  Everyday twenty minutes will be used to work on one of the above mentioned projects.
Let the journey begin....

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