Thursday, 21 December 2017

The Celebrations in Life...

This week past was the celebration of a wedding and some sad news. We always expect our parents to live forever, then one get the phone call to say, they will not be with us for much longer.  When one is far away, it is even more difficult, especially when one is separated by an ocean and a continent in-between.  The only comfort is knowing,  my siblings are close by and can be there to care, to hug and to love.  Modern technology helps the rest of us who are so far away.
 With the weather all getting colder by the day, the time has come to make some gifts.

 These old fashioned doctors bags, aka Retreat Bags, for the ladies.  Inside is something they are all passionate about.
 This is for the Bride, a Maroccan inspired nightie for the honeymoon.
This fabric was not easy on the scissors, it kept on running away. 
 It is soft and super silky...

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  1. Maggie thinking of you and sending lots of love. Your gift to the bride is so lovely, worth all the extra hassles you went through to make it. Hugs Glenda.