Sunday, 26 September 2021

Red and white

The red and white stems are progressing well,  finished a second vase and started the third.
Need to make more stems, ran out on this spot.
More stems made with the eight of an inch bias strip tool.
Third vase stems done.
Fourth vase stems started.
An unexpected trip, had me find a few more fabric for the red and white quilt.
A few blues and some batting for a quilt.Cranberries and cream,  will use some of the reds for the red and white quilt with the remaining fabric for a quilt to be given away in the future. 


  1. Very pretty. Enjoy your new fabric.

  2. Love all the red and white! Those are some tiny stems!

  3. Your red and white project is beautiful!

  4. The red and white quilt is coming along nicely! Lovely new fabrics to add to the variety!