Sunday, 5 September 2021

Rail fence border.

This quilt is now on the final stretch. All the rail fence borders are almost done being quilted.
The back of the quilt.
In the hoop, the weather turned cooler. Was able to sit outside to quilt these borders.
Made a colour change to the heart applique. The original pattern had a blue heart, changed it to a red one. It is much better and happier.
The quilting was just what one need at this point in time, so glad It is here to keep me company for now. The world is filled with more creative people today, than what it was two years ago, carry on creating...


  1. very nice applique Maggie - it can be so relaxing to do and pretty to quilt!

  2. Beautiful applique and quilting!

  3. I love your applique and your pretty quilting.

  4. Hand quilting is such a lovely soothing process, and your quilt is looking wonderful.

  5. How pretty and what a clever border. Love it.

  6. Lovely quilt, very pretty! Happy stitching!