Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tick, Tock....the clock is ticking, Christmas is coming.

 Originally it was going to be a quiet one, then life happened and plans changed.
Gifts are all finished.  Now it is time to make a dress, for a very special occasion.  Over the years we collect fabrics, not knowing when we will use them, then all of a sudden that time has arrived.  So hours spent cutting out all the pieces of fabric, then transferring all the notches.  Reading the pattern and following the instructions.  Fingers crossed, all work out well.
 A quick trip on the weekend, to pick up some special bits and pieces. Extra bits, which followed us home.
 Anne of Green Gables, the green fabric is actually a lot brighter, than what the photo shows.
Tools for applique.
Happy Thanksgiving to Madeline and her amazing family.


  1. Those placemats are pretty. Good luck with the dress.

  2. Happy thanks giving Maggie and it sounds like you Christmas is going to be a merry one LOL My family voted for Christmas day to be here this year too so our home will be full again. Hugs Glenda