Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Seasons are changing.

The weather has been steadily going one way, down south.  The temperature is going down and the trees have lost all of their leaves.  A sure sign winter is coming, sooner than we want.  We all cook the foods that remind us of comfort.  Baking smells fill the house, as we stay warm inside.
Bargello that Sylvie made last year, she wanted hers to be Queen size. The larger borders, did the trick.  It is now ready for quilting.
Another one made by Diane this year.
This one for her Maid of Honor, as a Thank You gift. 
 The quilt from the back, Rosie quilted , these two beauties.
The local Rughooking Guild are having a display at the library.
This one was a cat, with a twist.
Bee's and Love.
Some are to large to get a full picture.
This one is for someone special.....


  1. Your bargello students did an excellent job.
    The Dolly Dog portrait gave me a smile.

  2. Oh Maggie some lovely needle craft on your blog today. Love the Jacobean work my mum loved doing that work. Are you working the fruit tapestry it is lovely. Great pictorial quilt of that beautiful dog. Hugs Glenda