Friday, 17 June 2016

Applique, Borderie Perse and 3D Art, at the Show.

 Applique quilts had an interesting mix, from this contemporary quilt, to fresh and then to Queen of Applique Quilts.  A feast for the eye, all under one roof!
Love the yellow ladybug on this quilt.
 Friends of Baltimore, was a special treat.  This is the Queen, the pattern is one of Sue Garman's.
 Applique is very relaxing, one do a flower here, a leave there and a berry here.  A few stitches a day and before you know it, a quilt top is done.  Never a dull moment when one get to stress relief in a world of colour and thread.
 A close up of the applique.
 The back of the quilt, here one can see the machine quilting.
Each block was quilted, to compliment the design.
 Borderie Perse, this is another form of applique, where printed images is fussy cut and appliqued in place.  If you have ever tried to do this and needle turn this form of applique, it is difficult.
 In Europe the ladies do it with ease, which makes me wonder if they use a different technique?
This may look easy, but it is a very intricate process.
3D art, loved the warm colours......

 Machine applique.
Blanket stitch applique.
The starbursts of the flowers was done with a 3D effect as well.
A butterfly quilt, it was big, it had curved borders.  Difficult to get a photo of it as it was black on to a black background.  It was stunning.

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