Friday, 16 October 2015

Bags and more.

Bags, they come in all shapes and sizes.  We make them, give them away as gifts.  A friend gave me a bag she had made out of squares. It has lots of pockets.  It inspired me to make a couple.  Making it larger, the bag size is determined by the size of the squares.  I played and this is the result. Perfect for a scrapbook and supplies.
 A Japanese patchwork magazine also inspired another bag, once I worked out to follow the pictures from the back of the magazine to the front, it was easy.  I cannot read Japanese, but the drawings and photographs with dimensions, was given step by step.  The pattern was very clear and well presented .  The original bag was much smaller,  by increasing the size four times the size in the magazine, the bag I created was big enough for a quilt and my handheld hoop, perfect for quilting.
 The inside of the bag.  It is unique and over the years, it is one bag which has been in use full time.
The outside of the bag, it has space to use quilt blocks.  A good way to use orphan blocks or small blocks
printed with pictures on them?.
A small zipper pouch, for the man in your life to keep little knick-knacks together for his hobby.
The perfect bag  for a young girl and teenager., made with denim.  The Embroidery was inspired by a set of stickers, from Germany.  Always make sure you get permission to use any artwork, before you use it.  It is very important to do so.  Also make sure how you are allowed to use the end product.  Mine was used to create this gift.  The stickers was the inspiration to digitize this artwork into an embroidery design.  It is one happy and relaxed bee!
No matter our ages, we all need a bag.  It is one practical item, which holds essentials and some more.

A bag to hold your Mug, a teabag or two, some sugar,  a biscuit or two, into the pockets on the outside of the bag, the mug is protected  in drawstring bag in the center.  Now it is ready, just pop into your bigger bag and you are ready to go.
With the first snowfall predicted for tomorrow, a bit of colour is the perfect way to distract us from the weather.


  1. Our hobbies tend to determine what bags we make. Bags for knitting, another for sewing. Tiny bags to hold stitch markers, bigger ones to hold the whole project.

  2. Hi Maggi glad you like bags as I just sent you another one lots of laughter. Finally I posted off your parcel last friday but it will be a couple of weeks before it arrives they said at the PO> We saw on our news that some parts of the USA was hit by unusual snow storms a couple of days ago did you get any snow in the end. Hugs Glenda

  3. I love bags. I have to learn more about making bags.