Wednesday, 14 October 2015


The change of season bring with it the warmer fabrics.  Flannels, soft and fuzzy.  Then there is the wool to knit with.  The quilts to hand quilt, while the leaves drop from the trees, as the weather turns cooler.
The comfort foods we eat, with the seasons, the fruits and vegetables that is locally grown, which we use to create meals for our families.  The bounty of the season.
Found this fabric at the The Hobby Horse, have some chocolate brown binding left from a project.  Will turn these into mug mats or pot holders.  They would work well on aprons as well, on the front of  the bib or pockets, maybe?  Perfect for making gifts.
A purple Bargello,  perfect for the month of October.
Turkeys, roaming free.  When we grew up, they were pets, something even to this day,  remain that way.  These guys can thank their lucky stars, they live in another part of the world!


  1. What a thoughtful post, you're quite right - the seasons often do influence our moods and styles and I love Autumn...even though in my part of the world we're getting ready for a hot long summer!

  2. Knitting, fall means knitting. Mittens and woolies socks as well as other warm delights. Hot chocolate for the soul.