Monday, 29 May 2017

Take a Moment.

In our busy lives, we often rush around.  Trying to get everything done.  Making time to take care of ourselves is not always a top priority.  A few years ago I had a health scare, not only did it make me pause, it was the moment I decided to take charge and be the change.

Since then, time doing activities to make a difference to my health and life became a lifestyle change.  We are very active and enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather.  Quilting was placed under the same microscope.  How could I make it easier and give me more time to do the other things I want to do?

One answer was reinventing "the wheel", in this case how I cut my fabric.  AccuQuilt Go and the dies to cut fabric was my solution.  The other was setting up a permanent cutting area.
This was a solution to give me more time, to be more productive.
 The dies have blades, which cut the fabric, they are embedded in foam.
 Fabric is place on top of the die and covers the whole cutting area of the shapes.
 Next a protective cutting mat is placed on top of the fabric.
 Then one place it on the cutting machine, this one is manual.  Since this one came out an electric one was released.
 This is where the fun start, by turning the handle and guiding the die, these rollers place enough force to create the cutting of the fabric.
 It can cut up to six layers of fabric.  The time it takes to cut and the accuracy is amazing.
 This is what the die looks like after the fabric has been removed.
 Keeping everything tidy and in sequence, ready for sewing when I am.
 This pick comes with the machine and the die.  It is to help with any sticky threads stuck in between the blades of the die.
 I use a paint brush first, it has soft bristles to gently take all the fluff a of the die, I use it first.  The pick is only used, when it is required.

Different shapes all cut and in containers.  Bonny Hunter has a scrapsaving system, which I admire and inspired me to try : Her, enders and leaders.  It allows you to sew triangles and other shapes together, while you work on other projects  Read about it at Quiltville.  All because, she cuts her fabrics into predetermined sizes upfront.  When she needs a size, she can open a bin and pick up the cut shape and start to sew.

 The last criteria was the patterns I wanted to make. Piecing and Applique both appeal to me. Omigosh was at the Ottawa Quilt Show at the RA Centre a few years back.  Standing in front of this beauty was the start of a journey...
Care for your tools, they will last longer.  Most importantly, store them properly.


  1. I try to work only one n projects that I enjoy. It helps to keep me going, if I love what I am working on.

  2. Must agree I never keep working on a project I dont really really like, if I dont like who else will LOL At present I'm trying to finish so many WIP that my days are never long enough, may be its time we sold up and moved in to a unit were I'd have nothing to do all day but sit and sew LOL Hugs Glenda

  3. Hi Maggie,
    Great tips on the AccuQuilt Go. I saw one demoed at a quilt show, and it sure looked easy and allows you to save time. ~smile~