Thursday, 13 April 2017


We all love Easter.  We know Spring has finally arrived and everyone is just that much happier!  They smile more and all the colours are bright.  The kids love it, as they know they get chocolate.  It is a time for families to come together and celebrate Easter.
This was a new project.
The original pattern had too many pieces, for the time I wanted to make it in, so I modified it to accommodate my needs (more about this at a later date).
Going for a walk, many families will be out and about this weekend, doing just that.  Saw these wild turkeys strolling across the road yesterday.
One do not normally see this, so it was rare indeed!
This one's expression says it all: Am I going to be Dinner? .....(wrong season, Fall is six months away)

The rag quilt has all its sandwiches quilted and ready to be sewn together.
The pink and white ones.
This rick rack print ties all the colours together.

Love Entwined, lots of flowers have been added to all the four vase locks.
Have a wonderful Easter, for those who get to spend time together, enjoy those precious moments spent with the special people in your life.

                                         .....for the kids, let the easter egg hunt begin...


  1. It is always fun to see the wild turkeys. They walk around like they own the place, not afraid of anything.

  2. Those wild turkeys may have been strutting their stuff at Easter but turkey hunting season is in full swing so I am sure they have gone into hiding now.
    Loving your LE progress. I am still too scared and intimidated to start.