Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sleep? Snow? Quilting?....

We have been reminded, by Old Man Winter, just what snow is.  As soon as one round of snow is cleared, the next arrive and so the pattern continue.  While outside the world turns cold and white, we are inside, cosy and quilting away.  The secret project is keeping me very busy, hopefully this week will see the end of this project.

Diamond Hill has received some love.  I found the background fabric for it.
The sage is the colour for my leaves, the cream with the blue stars, the background. Found both here.
The charm packs , some light grey binding, from yesteryear and some ribbon which compliments everything else.

The leaves stitched in place.
The stems, tacked on the background.
Last week I baked Lamington's.  Perfect for a cold day, just before the next storm arrived!


  1. Lovely work on your Diamond Hill.

  2. Wow. When I see your first photo, I See your colour pallette for the quilt. IT's such a contrast to my surroundings, I appreciate seeing it.


  3. I love the soft palette of colours you have chosen for Diamond Hill

  4. Love your flower applique using La Belle Fleur!