Tuesday, 30 August 2016

On an adventure in the Rainbow Nation.

August, this year was always going to be a busy month, filled with surprises, celebration, adventure and so much more.  Seeing loved ones, whom I have not seen for more than eighteen years.  It was very precious to spend time reconnecting and seeing how we all stood the test of time.  Nephews and nieces all grown up, getting married, becoming parents for the first time.  Dad, turning eighty!  He still behaves and do things, as if he is a much younger person.  You only realise you are old if you look in a mirror, so try avoid this past time as much as possible, it is a good way to stay young at heart!
Dad has always loved fishing, so the cake was the easy part.  Keeping the celebration a secret and planning it over the course of a year, not so easy!  One of the nieces, was getting married in August, so that shifted the focus to her wedding instead.  Perfect for us, as we all live all over the world.  Trying to get such a large family together, far more complicated.  Up until we placed the cake on the table, got dad to sit at the head of the table and us all singing Happy Birthday, it stayed a surprise until then.  He will celebrate his official birthday in September.  We made him promise to aim for ninety, so that we can get together again!
                                                                  Happy Birthday!

What do you get an eighty year old for their birthday?  This had us all debating for months on end.
A Tablet, the largest one we could find.  He now has his own email, one of the grandsons set it up, part of his email adress is 007.  We all got excited, for now we could send photos and write on the email, except the games on the tablet, he is having far more fun with that.  So when the email pops up, he is minimizing it!  We have gifted the task of email to the grandchildren, they are going to teach him that part.  We will continue to call him,  as we always do....

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