Tuesday, 30 August 2016

African Sunsets.

There is nothing like a sunset under the African skies.  The colours are intense and the sense of peace and calm which surrounds one,  fill one with awe, is one of the most amazing experiences one can experience.
It changes from light to dark in a heart beat, then the magic begins.  A midnight velvet sky, lit up by millions of stars.  Winter in the Southern Africa is very different, to North America.  Most days got up to 25 C.  Going for a swim everyday is also on the cards! 

Part of my trip, included packing up a two bedroom townhouse and preparing it for the next owner.  Having moved as many times as we've had to over the years, one just get on with the job.  It took six days, which was great. When all the packing was done, I got to spend some time with special quilting friends.  Popping into a few Quilt and  Fabric shops, one is the size of a very large supermarket. 
 I had to go upstairs and take the photos from the next level.
 Anything you wish to make, they have the fabric here, including ready made household items.
 This shop, was my stop, if the traffic was very bad.  My daily commute used to be four and a half hours.
 Touching and feeling the fabrics, had a calming effect. Not too mention all the colours.
 Fabric is bought by the cart loads.  This is a one stop shop. To get the prices in Canadian Dollars divide it by ten.
 Wanting to make a prom or wedding dress, the embroidered and beaded fabrics are stunning.
 Looking for trims, the variety and selection is just amazing. You can see more here.

Spending five extra days with my siblings, priceless!


  1. Dear Maggie lovely to see your blog again. I was constantly thinking of you in africa and looking for lots of photo's I must have missed them all some how????? So lovely to read you had caught up with your family and you all had fun. How lovely it is that your dad will ahve all those memories of his special80th birthday with you ALL. Hugs Glenda

  2. That is a really interesting fabric store. I suspect you need an idea of what you are looking for, before you go in.