Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Spring is on its way!

 The ladies with their pillowcases, among them, Laura from Seams Sew Laura Etsy Shop, Sherry from thread riding hood.
 The finished pillowcases.
The snow is melting, the weir was overflowing.  While we were down at the stream, we noticed a new resident in the stream, a beaver has moved in.

The 365 Challenge:
More light fabrics, found these fabrics at The Hobby Horse.  The blocks so far.

Up to the 24th of February is done.  What makes these blocks fun?  Is that each one is different, small and allow one to visit some old favourite blocks.

The Splendid Sampler Blocks:

Love the little toes that stick out from the blanket....


  1. Oh my gosh Maggie you ahve been so busy sewing your blue blocks are adding up s quickly. How wonderful that you have a new neighbour or will he cause you problems with damming the water? Hugs Glenda

  2. Love, love, love the fabrics that you've chosen for your 365 challenge! Beautiful blocks!
    If the ice is melting, spring must be on the way. Fascinating to have a beaver, though!

  3. I like your Splendid Sampler blocks. I keep looking at those and then decided to just admire others.

  4. My guild made pillowcases as a community service project one year. They were given to the foster care service. Each child gets their own pillowcase and they fill it with some clothes, toys, etc when the child is taken and put into a foster home.
    I loved the project and learning how to make them. I made all my grandchildren and some of my children pillow cases for gifts afterwards.

  5. Came back in for another look and glad I did as I missed that adorable block with the toes peeping out from the bottom of the blanket LOL so adorable, I really like these tiny blocks great colours you are using . Hugs