Monday, 14 March 2016

Spring Break!

Spring has arrived in more ways than one.  Kids are running everywhere, they have a short holiday, March Spring Break!  The birds have returned from their snow vacations.  The snow has melted, flowers are popping up all over, especially in the shops.  Plants can soon be planted again, just has to wait for the frost to clear, second week in May?....
Two weeks ago all this was covered in snow and ice.

365 Challenge:
The center block is done, including all the rest.
 These little blocks require patience.
 As this is a bit of a mystery where each of the blocks will go.
Only one block is released every day.
This block had one gremlin which sneaked in, so it is now a new design.

The Splendid Sampler.
It is now up to date as well.
 The Quilt Shop?
LE will get some attention now, including everything else which has been on hold.


  1. You lay the block out, you check it against the picture, you are completely happy with it, you sew your seams, and iron it, then look one last time, and realise somebody moved them all around, just before you sewed. I did that on my last bag, and had to redo it because it was the wrong shape. You can just say "It's my own design".

  2. Maggie you have been so prolific this week. I like the wee school house block and the new design by Maggie!!!!! Im sorry to see that your snow has gone as I love seeing your snow photos LOL. Hugs glenda