Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The List?

Everyone has one, be it on paper or in their heads.  All the goals for the year is on it.  Finding time to do the things on the list , requires focus and setting aside time to work on all these projects.  Quilters call their projects UFO's.  However, we should call them WIP's (works in progress).  Every aspect of our lives, are just as important and deserve the same attention to detail, as a treasured project.  Be it a test we have to study for,  our health or the time we spent to take care of our loved ones.  So with in mind, it is crucial to get the balance and the quality right, practice makes perfect?  So making time for everything, on a regular basis helps to do so, with less stress and a much happier outcome!

On the list is going for a walk every day, it is a deposit in our health investment to ourselves.  Eating a healthy diet is another.  All those WIP's deserve their daily dose too.  How many finishes we end up with at the end of year would be telling, doing twenty five minutes a day for a year.  Just think of how many new projects we can start?

Dear Jane.....

Made a few of the blocks, then I remembered something important.  This is another Jelly Roll I got around the same time as I got all the other ones which bled.  Before cutting anymore blocks, these strips of fabric will need to be washed.  Pre-cuts need to be washed as well.  Did not bother with the last four Jelly Rolls, now it means a king size quilt will have to be unpicked, because of it.  It is hand quilted, too large to just wash and fix the problem.  Something else for the list.
My hexie project, it is where I want it to be for now.  It is up to date.  Another leftover project, it uses one and a half inch squares, which gets folded over the hexagon shape, then tacked and English pieced into the larger project.
Time to use modern gadgets to help with creating quilting treasures.  Accuquilt dies can be very helpful, when cutting lots of leaves, berries and strips of fabric.
Our cat sleeps with her back paws in the most creative ways...

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  1. Marbles is into yoga, always good thing to do in the new year.
    Have you tried the Color Catchers on bleeding dye? I bought a box and have had fairly good success. try it on some of your precuts before you try the quilt. (or try Retaine)