Friday, 22 January 2016

The French Apron, part 2.

The Skirt.

It had to be flirty, with the frills, but without all the gathering in the skirt.  Baking in the kitchen,  one want to stay comfortable.  Enjoy and have fun, while baking cupcakes and everything else.

A modern take on an the skirt.

It has three tiers, strips cut on the bias for a better drape, edged with bias tape and gathered slightly at the top.
Attaching one tier, onto the next.  Mark a line one inch from the bottom edge, on the wrong side of the next tier.  Pin in place and stitch down, to attach the two tiers.
 This is what is should look like.
Before the binding is attached.
 With the binding.
The front.
The back.

 Attach the next tier, to create the skirt.
Next step, attaching the skirt to waistband.

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