Wednesday, 13 January 2016

BlueJay TV.

In our house, as soon as the sky outside turns light, even before the sun greets us, Good Morning, we get a wake-up call.  It could be a landing on the gutter, or it is the flap of a wing.  Sometimes it is a crooning sound, other times it is a loud squawk or just a bird call.  It is breakfast call from the Blue Jays, wild birds, which have taken a liking to us.  Up, one of us will get to go outside no matter the weather, even in the snow, to put out some food for them.  In the early spring and autumn we feed them.  They come back every year, since we moved we have a new flock, in the past we had less than seventeen come for food.  Now it is almost double that.  Our new neighbours have never seen such an influx of Blue Jays.  It is called Kitty TV in our household.  Our cat loves to watch the birds and talks to them!
A friend showed me some of her embroidery from Hungary, beautiful.
Saw this dress, while travelling, the embroidery on top was done by hand.
Many items can be embroidered to create unique gifts.
For a while we did not see the bunny, then he popped up unexpectedly on one of our walks.
Beatrix Potter books, with Benjamin Bunny is a well loved tail.  
A Baby quilt inspired by the fabrics.
Then their is the stuffed bunnies...

Today, it is a winters day outside, we have had a fair bit of snow, so a little bit of whimsy is just what is needed, to add a dash of colour.

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  1. It is cold here. The birds and little animals are hiding. In the thaw on the weekend, Doug was surprised to see a bunny. No he wants to know where it has gone.