Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Easter Gifts.

This is a time of year, which just puts a smile on my face.  People are happy all round.  Children can not wait for the Easter bunny to arrive.    Families get together in celebration of Easter.  Spring arrive for some of us, with all the fresh air and green grass outside.  The birdsong greet us and the sun lights up the day,  when we wake up.

I think these bunnies is super cute, this is a bunny panel I found a few years back, I will be turning it into something special in the future.  As for the Easter bunny?  well I trained a few of those, when I mentioned that this Easter bunny was retiring, I was told, no, we still believe in the Easter bunny. So chocolate is definitely still on the menu.

Besides hunting for Easter eggs, small gifts is also wrapped and given to children at Easter time.  It is a tradition we grew up with.  So this week I realized time has sneeked up on me, I had three to finish.

Here they are.

This one is for a young boy who enjoy Aeroplanes. 

This one is for a little guy who loves Fire Engines.  He has this supersized pillow which needed a special pillowcase.

This one is for a little girl who loves to dance, with all her heart.

Most of all, enjoy this special time and spend it with the ones you love.

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