Saturday, 24 June 2017

La Voyageuse

This quilt was amazing, it was intricate.  Boutis was used for the quilt, closely spaced.
What makes it even more remarkable, it is done with silk fabric.  The size of La Voyageuse, 90"x90".

Celtic Designs was aplliqued by hand and lots of hand embroidery was used to create accents.
 Each block was hand quilted and to add a little bit of sparkle, Swarovski crystals was sewn on to the quilt.
 It was the one, that won my heart at the show.

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  1. What a master piece, as I work a lot with silk this work to me is incredible, how wonderful to see such traditional quilts still been made what a treasure for generations to be able to see and enjoy. Thanks for sharing your own joy in this beauty. Hugs