Tuesday, 6 June 2017


There are many reasons we embrace the times to celebrate milestones in our live.  The birth of babies, birthdays and weddings.  Then comes the Big ones, being married for fifty years.  It is a bit rare today.

Making quilts to acknowledge and remember those amazing achievements, is just one way to do so.
The birth of twin girls.
Similar, with a few differences.
Carol has been knitting socks as well.

Same pattern, bright fabrics.
 Love the backing of this quilt, it ties in with the front, which is a bug theme.

Then their are the Big Milestones, this is one is filled with a life time of memories.  Celebrating a couple, married for fifty years, their children and the grandchildren, extended family and friends.

A double wedding ring quilt block was used to showcase the newly weds and them fifty years later.
 Their children.
Lots of memories on the back.
 Little notes from family and friends.

Working life.
 Volunteering in the community.
Quilts to keep and remind us of lives lived to the fullest extend and fond memories.
 With Spring here and all the rain, the growing season is here.  It has been more like playing in the mud, my veggie patch is planted and growing.
The lavender is blooming and growing.


  1. Your garden is looking good. Obviously, you have been running out between the raindrops, to work in the garden.

  2. What an amazing quilt of memories! Beautiful!
    Love the quilts for the twins too.

  3. Hi Maggie,
    Oh, the memory quilt is just lovely. I can just imagine them sitting and looking at all the pictures and notes, and then starting over again. Love the zigzag quilts too - how fun! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Beautiful quilts, and wonderful mmemories.

  5. Hi Maggie lots of memories in those lovely quilts, your garden is looking great, it reminds me of mine I had in NZ many years ago!!!!!! oh the joy of pulling fresh vegetables. tomatoes taste soooo sooo good home grown. Your iris is so BEAUTIFUL. Hugs Glenda from Down Under